India police rapidly solve over 250 cases by utilising smart surveillance


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Surveillance systems have helped Indian police to solve more than 250 criminal cases in the city of Chandigarh over a seven month period.

Chandigarh Smart City Limited officials confirmed the statistics on 27 February, with multiple sources claiming that murders, hit and runs and thefts were among the solved crimes.

A statement said: “To improve monitoring of traffic and law and order on the roads, around 900 CCTV cameras have been installed at various locations throughout Chandigarh for surveillance which is being monitored through Command and Control Centre.

“Around 285 different locations in the city are being monitored on a real time basis by these advanced cameras.

“The locations include intersections, government schools, entry and exit points, water treatment facilities, parking lots, hospital entrances, gardens etc.”

According to Anindita Mitra, Chief Executive Officer, Chandigarh Smart City Limited, in December 2022, all connected cameras were monitored by the ICCC Enterprise Management System to ensure functionality.

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