EAC-M90 Incedo Updater Controller unveiled by ASSA ABLOY

Incedo Updater Controller

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In today’s dynamic business landscape, where offices, manufacturing plants, co-working spaces and multi-use facilities co-exist, organisations face an array of challenges, including the need for agile and futureproof access control, reports ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions EMEIA.

The rise of hybrid or flexible work arrangements, coupled with a demand for optimised space utilisation, requires businesses to carefully consider their access management solution

With the right solution, organisations can seamlessly secure virtually any entry point using either offline electronic locks or real time online devices.

Together with a range of credentials, Incedo Cloud enables users to access authorised areas using smartphones, smart keys or smart cards, all managed securely from a single, flexible, scalable platform.

EAC-M90 Incedo Updater Controller

The EAC-M90 Updater Controller empowers security managers with complete control over Aperio wireless locks and ASSA ABLOY Signo readers.

It enables updates to credentials, including PULSE programmable keys with RFID capability, ensuring access permissions remain up to date.

When integrated with an ASSA ABLOY Signo reader, each access event triggers the Incedo system to collect event logs, update individual access permissions or revalidate credentials, including our range of smart cards or battery-free smart keys, with the same credential working across connected/online and offline readers, enhancing security site-wide.

The EAC-M90 incorporates HID Seos technology and OSDP v2.1.7 protocol to ensure high security in every interaction between credentials, updater/controller and the system.

With the EAC-M90 and Incedo software, security and facilities managers achieve comprehensive and flexible control over their premises, without requiring a fully online system.

Enhancing facilities management

Facility managers benefit from the ability to oversee many device types, or sites, within a unified system.

Expanding access control, whether online or offline, to additional access points is simple and efficient, ensuring smooth onboarding.

For flexibility, the Incedo Cloud control panel offers secure administration from anywhere with an internet connection; regular and secure cloud software updates are automated, simplifying maintenance.

One significant advantage of Incedo Cloud is the high flexibility it offers security managers, who can deploy online and offline management at different access points within their facility.

For instance, high security access points like entrances and sensitive doors, such as those leading to labs or server rooms, can benefit from real time control.

Lower security areas, like meeting rooms, however, utilise offline devices for cost-effective access control, without the need for cables or communication hubs.

Incedo ensures that all aspects of security are managed seamlessly from a single, integrated software interface, combining the benefits of real time control with the straightforward deployment of offline electronic access management.

Implementing Incedo access control is straightforward: Businesses select hardware including the new EAC-M90 updater controller from a vast range, to add flexibility to their security system and control virtually any access point, including doors, cabinets, lockers, gates, server racks and more.

To learn more, download a datasheet on EAC-M90 Updater Controller here.

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