For enhanced door security, Incedo Business opts for mobile keys


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The convenience, security and cost saving benefits of managing access control with smartphone keys are now available with ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions’ Incedo Business system. Mobile keys are another innovative addition to the Incedo ecosystem, a scalable, integrated solution created for businesses who need security which grows with them.

Global work patterns are more fluid than ever: IBM estimates 1.87 billion people will be working remotely by 2022. The convenience and security benefits of mobile keys are tailor-made for managing access with maximum efficiency. The Wireless Access Control Report 2021 confirms the trend: Almost two-thirds of organisations will have adopted mobile access control to some extent within two years, according to a wide-ranging survey of security professionals analysed in the report.

“In our mobile world, it makes sense for users to keep secure keys on a device they are already carrying,” says David Moser, Interim VP Digital and Access Solutions at ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions EMEA. “The new Incedo Business mobile key solution is simple to manage, which saves valuable time for security staff. It harnesses on-device biometrics to add another layer of site security.

“At the same time, it gives employees and visitors the option to unlock doors with a convenient key stored on their own mobile device. Your mobile phone can then open the car park barrier, access the printer network or even operate a locker, without visitors needing to collect a card or fob face to face.”

Easy adoption for Incedo Business locks and readers

Incedo Business mobile keys are powered by Seos, the latest generation of credential technology with the highest encryption and authentication standards.

The mobile keys operate on a broad range of mobile devices, including phones, tablets and smart-watches. NFC and Bluetooth LE are both supported, ensuring versatility for the business.

ASSA ABLOY offers subscription billing, so customers can enjoy costs that are more predictable for budgeting purposes. Licenses can be edited at any time, so organisations can efficiently scale or up or down in response to their business needs.

The Incedo-enabled hardware range of wireless locks and wall readers is already compatible with mobile keys, which can be deployed alongside standard RFID credentials.

Combine higher security for businesses with increased user convenience

Incedo Business mobile keys are simpler and quicker to administer than traditional credentials like fobs or smartcards. Mobile keys are sent over the air to employee smartphones, removing the need to buy plastic cards or pay for printing. With a mobile solution, facility managers save time previously wasted in credential handover and are not required to be on-site.

A missing physical credential needs replacing. With Incedo mobile keys, system management is faster and easier: Updating, revoking or adding new access rights takes place instantly over the air. The business also reduces use of non-recyclable plastics.

The security of virtual keys improves on traditional credentials. Despite strict policies against the practice, smartcards are often shared between employees. Phones are less readily passed around and, in any case, have fingerprint, face ID or passcode protection built-in. The same biometric protection will stop a casual thief from using on-device mobile keys. RFID credentials do not have these equivalent safeguards.

“Keyholders already use their mobile device to buy a coffee, board a plane or book a taxi,” adds David Moser. “Now it becomes a secure and versatile key, too. They can travel to multiple locations contact-free, for example. Users don’t even need to open an app to unlock an authorised door. Incedo has taken the next step in our mission to keep people and businesses moving. Together.”

Incedo Business moves with you, today and in the future

Incedo Business makes access control more efficient for everyone, from installers to end users. A modular, platform approach makes both procurement and operation simpler. Managers choose the security hardware and credentials they need together with the appropriate management system.

Award-winning ASSA ABLOY wireless digital locks and wired ASSA ABLOY wall readers secure the doors. A choice of card and token credentials — as well as mobile keys — helps users enjoy safe and convenient access to, and movement around, the premises.

New Incedo-enabled hardware from ASSA ABLOY and third-party providers will continue to be made available within the evolving Incedo ecosystem. Add doors or locations and switch between local and cloud management, as often as required. Incedo guarantees flexibility and scalability in every direction, to meet security needs today and in the future.

Incedo Business embodies ASSA ABLOY’s vision to create a safer and more open world. To learn more about Incedo mobile keys, download a free guide at

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