In memory of Guennadi Guermanovitch: A dedicated ASIS Member

ASIS Member, Guennadi Guermanovitch, CPP, PSP

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A statement has been issued on behalf of the Chair of the ASIS European Regional Board of Directors, Erik de Vries, CPP, PSP, following the death of ASIS Member, Guennadi Guermanovitch, CPP, PSP.

“It is with great sadness that we were informed about the tragic death of a member of the ASIS Ukraine chapter by Russian shelling on the 2 February 2024.

“Guennadi Guermanovitch, a Frenchman with a Ukrainian heart and another French NGO worker were killed in an attack on a humanitarian NGO vehicle in the Kherson region of Ukraine.

“He began his military service in the USSR with conscription in the Kyiv Military District in 1990 and ended up ‘on the shield’ in 2024 in Ukraine. A kind of ‘circle of life’ connected to Ukraine.

“Guennadi is survived by three sons aged 22, 20, 16 in Corsica, France and his mother and sister in Minsk.

“Guennadi was not only an active member and volunteer in the Ukraine chapter, he was also a frequent and active participant at GSX and ASIS Europe events and a mentor.

“Since 2019, he was mentoring more than a dozen Ukrainians towards their CPP and APP certification.

“We send our condolences to his family and also to Chapter Chair Mykola Mikheiev, CPP, PSP, PCI and all ASIS members in the Ukraine Chapter.

“We grieve with you on this unjust loss of life of a dedicated humanitarian NGO and well-respected ASIS volunteer.”

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