Improved alarm accuracy: it makes you feel safer


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Small and medium businesses have many of the same surveillance and security requirements as larger organisations. They need to identify and react to perimeter breaches in real time and they need to automate footage searches to fast locate true events. Another example could be the security and protection for your residential area.

Why you need accurate alarms?

Imagine, when you need to look into the security of your house, the first line you probably would consider is its perimeter. The idea is to prevent intruders from breaking in. However, conventional surveillance system may not do the job well enough. Why?

Conventional surveillance systems provide certain detection features enabled by video content analysis (VCA), such as motion detection, line-crossing detection and intrusion detection, but, would simply compound all event detections, triggering frequent alarms when an object is detected. This could be an animal, a shadow, or other natural movements – we call them false alarms. As a result, you need to spend time to investigate each one, potentially delaying any necessary response and generally affecting efficiency.

So being able to identify the real threats – the presence of a human or a vehicle – would greatly improve the accuracy of perimeter VCA functions. Hikvision’s hassle-free AcuSense technology can help achieve this goal and give you a cost-effective way to protect your locations and assets.

Enhanced alarm accuracy saves time and worries

Employed with advanced VCA and deep learning algorithms, Hikvision AcuSense helps you maximise security with efficient human and vehicle detection by categorising alarm information into human, vehicle and other objects. With high accuracy, the system disregards alarms triggered by other objects such as rain or leaves and delivers alarms that are associated with human or vehicle detection.

With Hikvision AcuSense, you also get a “quick target search” feature that allows security personnel or local police to find footage quickly in the event of a security incident. This saves many hours rather than searching for footage manually.

Efficient alerts and video clips help you in the know

Now re-imagine your perimeter security system armed with Hikvision AcuSense technology. Video surveillance is in operation when an intruder tries to sneak in on a windy and rainy day. The intruder probably thought such bad weather would do him a favor, as there are no witnesses near your house. But this is not the case.

The security camera incorporated with AcuSense precisely captures the intruder entering your front yard. At the same time, you receive a message on your smartphone and view the video feeds. With this verified alarm, action can be taken straight away. Hikvision AcuSense prevents problems before they escalate into would-be emergencies.

Our fully-integrated video surveillance makes it easy for you to see and capture important activity with video alerts, live feeds and 24/7 digital video recording – all easily viewed from your Hik-Connect app.

Hikvision AcuSense key features:

False alarm reduction – reduces false alarms triggered by inanimate objects to a minimum, vastly improves alarm efficiency and saving costs;

Quick target search – more efficient and effective file searching based on human and vehicle classification, preventing security personnel from having to search through footage manually;

Strobe light and audio alarm – wards off potential intruders by combining a siren with a flashing light.

Find out more

Hikvision AcuSense technology can be found in the EasyIP and Turbo HD product ranges, which provide the ideal security solutions for small factories, residential estate and villas, small hotels and gas stations, indoor and outdoor, to name a few.

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