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iLOQ introduces a new solution that unlocks smart living


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iLOQ HOME is a solution that enables residents to have visibility and control of their keys in a ground-breaking way that has never been seen before in the residential sector.

The solution is an extension to the iLOQ S5 digital locking system and iLOQ 5 Series platform. By removing the constraints of the traditional lock and key and how they are normally managed, iLOQ HOME has been designed to give residents more freedom, security and flexibility to live the way they want.

There are several unique benefits for residents using the iLOQ HOME solution. Residents themselves have precise control over who has keys to their apartment. This prevents security risks from unauthorised users. They can also grant temporary access to service providers which is ideal when maintenance work is needed, or to gain quick access if they lose or forget their key or in emergency situations.

Other benefits in relation to security are that residents themselves can now immediately block a lost or stolen key. They can also order new keys and even update the keys’ accesses using the near-field communication (NFC) functionality on their smartphone.

iLOQ HOME eliminates the need for separate systems in an apartment building. Residents can simply and securely control who has access to the main entrance. They can share an access code with friends and family to make it easier when they visit, or remotely open the door to give temporary access to maintenance personnel or for deliveries. Residents can also see the calendar and quickly and easily make bookings for communal areas of the building, such as the laundry room, gym, or sauna.

In 2007, the residential sector was completely revolutionised by iLOQ’s introduction of the world’s first digital locking system. With the introduction of the iLOQ HOME solution in early 2022, iLOQ is once again innovating technological and resource-efficient solutions that fulfill society’s requirements for more sustainable, secure and smarter living environments.

For more information, visit: www.iloq.com

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