IFPO announces members will receive access to ACT App

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Most IFPO UK individual members are frontline security officers, supervisors and managers and whilst IFPO supports them through education and career development programs, they also need up-to-date information.

IFPO UK is already an Associate Industry Sector Leader for CSSC, the Cross-sector Safety and Security Communications messaging systems, but the association has announced that it has established an arrangement with the ACT App Team, for all IFPO members to have access to this vital information platform giving them the latest CT policing information and guidance to help them.

Benefits to IFPO members

IFPO members can:

  1. Respond to and report suspicious activity directly to CT policing
  2. Develop and implement incident response plans (e.g. Evacuation, Invacuation & Lockdown procedures) using the assured advice within
  3. Access accurate and trustworthy alerts and information directly from CT policing, including sending instant messages should an incident occur and receiving UK Protect Bulletins outlining latest CT news and campaigns to support you and your organisational resilience
  4. Sign up for CT policing training e.g. ACT Corporate or the ACT E-Learning
  5. Shape the future content of the tool by submitting feedback directly via the App because “Together We Are Stronger”.

In reaching this agreement, IFPO is able to offer this as another member benefit. Initially this will be available for IFPO members in the UK and Ireland, but with security being a global issue there are plans to roll this access out to IFPO members internationally.


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