iDter announces breakthrough security system with new dealer partnership recruitment program


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Security contractors can no longer afford to simply complete a project and move on to the next job without creating recurring service revenues and an ongoing commitment to the customer. iDter, which stands for intelligent and immediate deterrence of crime, has launched a complete commercial security solution and partnership program with the ability to generate RMR streams through its unique technology footprint. A fully integrated and automated security solution, iDter is proven to foil 98% of intrusions without the delays of human intervention.

iDter, part of Kuna Systems Corporation, offers its solution through a qualified network of commercial security integrators, structured/data cable contractors and licensed electrical contractors and is currently seeking additional members for its dealer community. 

The heart of the product is an intelligent, quad-core Niō guardian node exclusive to iDter that is designed to identify intrusion and take immediate and effective deterrent actions that surprise intruders and defy predictability. iDter has implemented Artificial Intelligence (AI) deep-learning technology using convolutional neural networks (CNN) and holds some 35 US patents through parent Kuna Systems Corporation. 

With iDter intrusions are detected, immediately verified on video and alerts with event recordings sent to the client’s iPhone, iPad or Android phone. iDter live monitors events to ensure the deterrence actions were successful and if not, a video verified alarm is sent to a UL Listed, Five-Diamond Certified central station to dispatch authorities through 911 operators. Customers receive access to reports of security incidents and deterrence effectiveness with performance metrics and statistics, such as the total number of incidents, the preventative responses triggered, recordings of the incident and responses and the central station engagement and dispatching activity. 

“iDter has recognised the need in the security marketplace for an automated and immediate deterrent solution,” said Greg Ayres, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at iDter. “It’s a complete, integrated platform focused on providing documented security results for the property owner and RMR creation for the security dealer. With iDter, integrators can provide regular, documented security results to their clients adding substantial value, thus making the relationship sticky. Dealers can grow their business with predictable revenue streams and a proven, end-to-end deterrent solution.”

Complete integration package

The iDter solution begins with Niō nodes installed around the premises, in place of Wall-Pack lighting. The Niō nodes are positioned to detect intrusion with a powerful 4K HD resolution camera with wide-angle lens, multiple motion detectors, omni-directional microphone and quad-core intelligence. The Niō nodes also deter with a rich set of immediate deterrent responses, such as the instantaneous illumination by 10,000 lumens of multi-directional LED floodlights, blinding strobes of red and blue LEDs, piercing sirens, situation-appropriate voice-down warning messages and intimidating sound effects. The nodes are networked to the iDter cloud through WiFi/ethernet communications and include a 256GB SD memory card for onboard, 24/7 HD or 4K camera recordings for online forensic analysis. iDter features Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud video storage and video-verified monitoring with UL 827 dispatch to PSAP. 

iDter products are fully NDAA compliant, ETL listed, FCC certified and carry an IP-65 environmental rating. The solution is ready for easy deployment and RMR generation at commercial facilities, including construction sites, equipment rental sites, auto repair and dealerships, hotels, malls, educational campuses, agriculture and cannabis facilities, oil and gas and any other location with open-air assets that need immediate deterrent protection. It can be used as a standalone security system or to augment guard services at the protected premises.

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