IDIS AI Box COVID Solution wins top place in Secure Campus Awards


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The IDIS COVID Solution has won a top platinum prize in the 2021 Secure Campus Awards in the visitor management category. The independent award scheme, run by Campus Security & Life Safetymagazine, is designed to recognise outstanding security services and products.

IDIS’s AI Box appliance (DV-2232) powered by the IDIS Deep Learning Engine with 98% accuracy, supports safe return-to-workplace strategies at campuses, corporate sites, retail, hotels, hospitality venues and businesses of all sizes.

AI Box includes four powerful video analytics tools that can be used to automate COVID-safe working at sites, with: social distancing monitoring; people counting and occupancy monitoring; crowd detection; and face mask-wearing detection.

Users do not have to upgrade to edge VA cameras and can use AI Box license-free with the IDIS Center VMS for smaller applications (up to 1024 devices) or with a simple analytics license for larger sites that choose the enterprise-level IDIS Solution Suite.

Each AI Box for COVID allows organisations to use up to 32 existing IDIS network cameras, at entrances and exits, with a traffic light dashboard to automate control of building occupancy.

The superior processing performance of the IDIS Deep Learning Engine means that it can distinguish people and mask-wearing accurately while ignoring environmental “noise” and innate objects, all with minimal configuration or calibration.

The award judges were impressed by the way IDIS has adapted advanced analytics to meet an urgent present need but done it in a way that anticipates future priorities, as well. For example, people counting, occupancy and density monitoring are important now for reducing virus spread, while post-pandemic they will give retailers insight into customer behaviour to optimise store layouts and promotions and better utilise staff to help turn browsing into purchasing.  The all-in-one box will also allow facilities managers to better understand the way their buildings and workspaces are used to make informed decisions – everything from adapting office and meeting space, managing people flow and reducing energy costs through optimising heating, cooling and lighting based on occupancy and density.

“Only with good data can organisations make informed operational decisions, particularly in challenging and competitive environments,” says Andrew Myung, President, IDIS America. “As economies open up, again IDIS AI video will play an increasingly important role in delivering data intelligence – the innovative ‘in a box’ concept underpinning the DV-2232 helps make this a reality and reflects our commitment to delivering cutting-edge video tech that’s easier to use, that’s cost-efficient and that helps solve present and future challenges. IDIS is immensely proud to have been recognised with this prestigious Secure Campus Award.”

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