IDIS VMS integration enhances perimeter security offering

perimeter security

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IDIS has announced its new integration with SensoGuard.

The latter’s seismic detection technology has been incorporated with the IDIS Solution Suite VMS, offering new AI-enhanced perimeter threat detection solutions to integrators and end users.

Accurate perimeter security

According to IDIS, the integration combines SensoGuard’s CCS software and advanced seismic and magnetic sensors with its VMS.

The VMS features IDIS Deep Leaning Analytics (IDLA) functions such as object detection and classification.

By combining the seismic technology with AI-powered analytics, accurate perimeter security can be ensured.

Moreover, the company has claimed that this will streamline security control room operations and reduce workloads for operators.

The integrated solution is ideal for applications and sites with sensitive or extensive boundaries.

“A complete and holistic solution”

Tomer Levy, CEO, SensoGuard commented: “We see our systems as part of an end-to-end solution for mission critical applications.

“We want to make life as simple as possible for integrators and end users.

“Investing off-the-shelf integrations not only makes us stronger and more attractive, but it also aligns with our commitment to delivering a complete and holistic solution.”

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