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IDIS explains how new approaches to video are helping retailers under pressure


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As retailers face increased economic pressures, more are looking to video solutions for benefits beyond just security, says IDIS.

Many of these wider applications for camera technology – from streamlining back-of-store operations to building customer loyalty – are detailed in a new eBook: Overcoming challenges in EMEA retail with video solutions that reduce costs and boost sales.

For systems integrators, consultants and value-added re-sellers (VARs) who understand the pressures that retailers now face and who are tuned-into new ways video tech can be used to support stores’ profitability; the sector offers significant opportunities.

Today’s more affordable and more capable solutions are playing an important role by enabling more efficient stock delivery and tracking; improving customer experience (CX); driving operational efficiency through better intelligence; integrating brick-and-mortar with online operations and reducing losses from high staff turnover, shrinkage and fraud.

This is helping to offset the challenges from rising inflation the squeeze on consumer spending power.

In addition to facing a turbulent economic landscape, today’s retailers still must deal with the age-old threats to profitability posed by internal and external shrinkage.

Store security managers and loss prevention teams need to tackle an array of shrinkage challenges including staff and returns fraud, sweet hearting, deceptive self-scanning, organised crime gangs, steal-to-order rackets, shoplifting and bogus injury claims.

Retailers and their systems integration partners should collaborate to identify the biggest direct cost to the bottom line and target the problem strategically, explains IDIS: Often a video surveillance pilot will reveal gaps in security and unforeseen vulnerabilities.

Video solutions have evolved to target retailers’ key challenges, with a wide choice of camera models available to blend with the aesthetics of every outlet; easy-to-use VMS with optional federation services allowing local control plus centralised management and mobile tools and apps that make it easy for managers to stay in control remotely.

The IDIS eBook also explains how video is being used to tackle abuse against staff; how AI-powered analytics are delivering significant new value; how affordable storage is becoming increasingly important, meeting increased compliance requirements and how today’s video solutions can be designed to deliver rapid return-on-investment.

“This new educational eBook from IDIS shows how retailers are benefiting from video technology designed to deliver many more benefits than in that past,” says James Min, Managing Director, IDIS Europe.

“Our experience working with retailers globally shows these solutions not only pay for themselves more quickly but are more flexible and adaptable going forward.”

The IDIS retail eBook can be downloaded here or accessed on the IDIS website, along with a growing library of resources and reference materials to support technology decision makers.

For more information on IDIS solutions, go to www.idisglobal.com

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