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IDIS America turns spotlight to unique challenges of campus safety

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IDIS America, the regional headquarters for South Korea’s largest in-country manufacturer of surveillance technology, kicks off several weeks of focus on the unique challenges and concerns related to campus security in the Americas. Beginning with an appearance at the 2019 Campus Safety conference in Dallas and continuing through August with outreach focusing on the unique suitability of the high-performing, cost-effective IDIS Total Solution to meet the widely varying (and, at times, highly specific) needs of campuses, large and small, in the Americas.

“There’s no question there has never been a greater time of challenge or urgency when it comes to campus safety and the protection of our nation’s students, faculty, staff and others,” notes Keith Drummond, Senior Director at IDIS America. “You only have to open a newspaper—or even just talk with the students in your life—to know that challenges to campus safety and security run the gamut from traditionally smaller, more familiar concerns like fights, contraband and unauthorised movement, to worries about lethal threats like active shooters.

“When you throw in the inherent complication of maintaining full situational awareness in a dynamic campus and the requirements most schools have to build and maintain security infrastructure—often funded with limited taxpayer, grants or donor dollars—in the most fiscally responsible way possible, campus safety and security professionals must balance a great deal as part of keeping their charge—and no two campuses are ever alike. That’s where we believe IDIS and it’s adaptable, scalable and complete end-to-end total solution for both analogue and IP surveillance makes the difference.”

Drummond points to the IDIS promise to “meet any surveillance need, of any size or complexity” with high performing technology and a low total cost of ownership as key to the company’s unique value proposition for American campuses. The company’s flagship DirectIP range of IP solutions, award-winning for its true plug and play ease of installation and use, next-generation features, high degree of interoperability, forward- and backward-compatibility guarantees, and long (often longest) industry warranties—all with a cost-free, full featured VMS included and total lack of recurring licensing fees—serves as the base of the company’s solution for campuses, with complementary product lines (including the full product line in the company’s DirectCX analogue solution, easily integrated with existing systems or seamlessly incorporated as part of a mixed analogue/IP requirement) and sub-ranges (including the IDIS Compact Solution of IP cameras designed to deliver high performance in with lower-profile form factors and a wider variety of price points).

“IDIS’ technology makes it possible for those responsible for the design and deployment of campus security solutions to avoid traditional (and frustrating) tradeoffs between quality and performance and cost-effectiveness,” adds Andrew Myung, President of IDIS America. “Our technology is designed and developed through our market-responsive R&D process, manufactured in our secure, flexible and efficient Smart Factory (cited in peer reviewed research and honoured with a Presidential Citation for innovation) and delivered with our industry leading warranties and compatibility guarantees. This allows us to deliver next generation technology, packed with innovative, award-winning features, benefits and support with a proven low total cost of ownership, without recurring licensing fees.

“That unique mix of factors and advantages is huge for campuses that are both performance- AND cost-conscious, and for whom showing maximum attentiveness to the core mission of keeping students and campus communities safe, as well as strong financial stewardship of taxpayer, grant and donor dollars is essential.”

Drummond and Myung note, that ultimately, it’s the ability of IDIS cameras, recorders, software to truly meet any surveillance need, no matter the size or complexity of the requirement, that makes the case. That’s why the company’s activities over the next several weeks will include interviews, topical and industry education social media posts and videos, and demonstrations and appearances, beginning with an appearance at the 2019 Campus Safety conference in Dallas, where visitors can discuss specific challenges and requirements with the IDIS team and go hands on with IDIS technology.

The IDIS team will also be available for phone, the web and in person (including demonstrations at the IDIS America demonstration centre, near Dallas) consultations regarding general and specific campus safety challenges, which can be scheduled directly by emailing [email protected], phoning (469) 444-6538, or visit To see the latest in IDIS America news and social media outreach (including upcoming campus safety and security content) follow IDIS on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

For general information regarding any of the offerings in the IDIS total solution, or for information specific to regions outside of the United States, visit or contact a regional office directly at

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