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Identiv to present webinar on physical security market

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Join Identiv and D6 Research for this limited session based on the Annual Physical Security Industry Assessment Research Report.

According to D6 Research, after years of focused improvement by the information security industry (InfoSec) to sell security internally by demonstrating measurable risk, impact and return on value (ROV), they’ve changed the conversations and expectations of their management. Meanwhile, physical security has operated as a silo. While this has traditionally afforded InfoSec more autonomy, increasingly it’s becoming a liability by alienating them from successful engagement models to secure support for funding and overcoming perceptions of being a cost centre.

The research concludes that physical security end users need to figure out ways to demonstrate their security program’s value by delivering contributions to non-security stakeholders that can be measured — and validated. Most significantly, it’s imperative for end users to adopt proven maturity models of their IT counterparts that enable principled security design and operationalisation at scale.

“Contemporary physical security systems have significant design limitations and capabilities that result in poor detection and limit their ability to implement effective controls. Further, they are operationally inefficient and, despite their alignment with common practices of physical security, are far outside that of proven models of IT. There’s really no upside and the impact from such disparity is only going to become more evident for those that don’t make the transition,” according to D6 Research.

Hosted by Identiv, D6 Research will discuss highlights from its Annual Physical Security Industry Assessment Report. Terry Gold, Principal Analyst, will overview how end user practitioners will be impacted by a wave of organisational pressures and how mainstream approaches impose limitations toward value-based outcomes, and will discuss appropriate responses so they can get ahead of what’s to come.

Identiv will discuss how the company is enabling its customers to overcome the limitations of contemporary systems by offering a platform that operates in alignment with IT architecture, operations and their methodology.

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