ISJ Exclusive: Identity protection in mobile access control

Identity protection mobile access control STid

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The security of mobile credentials is a hot topic – Gordon Mackay, Sales Director, UK & Ireland, STid tells ISJ about the benefits offered by STid Mobile ID.

Why should we secure identities?

The enormous rise in cyber-crime is a real life challenge in terms of effective identity management. Impersonating a third party is far too easy in our interconnected world. Within an organisation, users need to exchange identities with a variety of systems such as identity management systems, access control systems, corporate directories, human resource information systems.

Therefore, data protection has a crucial role to play. Why? Because data is universal, unique, permanent, comparable over time and non-verifiable. In one single word: Sensitive. Consequently, there is a strong need to ensure data security and confidentiality with solutions that meet the identity and access management requirements of an organisation.

How does STid Mobile ID protect the identity of its users?

Ensuring effective identity management necessitates being able to guarantee and manage building access to the right people at the right time, protecting data and ensuring an advanced authentication. With STid Mobile ID, you simplify managing and issuing cards by using virtual cards on smartphones, whether (or not), in combination with conventional cards.

STid Mobile ID ensures the protection of access data stored in the phone via encryption and authentication methods and interconnects all systems while guaranteeing end to end security, specifically with OSDP and SSCP Protocols. These standards protect the communication between physical and digital access control devices and provide a secure connection between the reader and the management system (controllers) to guarantee, particularly when SSCP is deployed, the highest levels of security.

How can we combine a need for security and data protection with fluidity of use?

We have purposely designed STid Mobile ID in anticipation of the monumental shift towards intuitive and ultra secure technology. For users, nothing is more convenient than a smartphone to gain access. The smartphone is personal and always at hand. STid Mobile ID removes the existing constraints of access control and improves the adoption of each company’s security policy.

Moreover, using a smartphone dramatically reduces the risks associated with the lending/losing/forgetting of cards or fobs and it minimises the administrative effort. STid Mobile ID offers six unique user interaction modes (tap-tap, hands-free mode, voice command, slide mode, remote mode, badge mode) for instinctive and contactless identification. The system is also capable to adapt to changing security requirements and it eliminates access control constraints.

We develop and deploy technology to make the everyday life easier whilst protecting data and increasing security levels! For more information about STid Readers and Mobile Access Control, please contact [email protected] or +447741564931

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