ISJ Exclusive: Changing the way we identify ourselves


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Touchless Biometric Systems provides an insight into the way in which its technology is providing a high level of access control security.

Every day, thousands of people are identified by a TBS device. As specialists in biometric technology, our access control and workforce management solutions are in operation in airports, healthcare institutions and government facilities across the globe. TBS delivers maximum security, reliability and a memorable experience for every user.

Biometric solutions are an exciting new development in the field of security. By using unique physical characteristics to identify individuals, biometric solutions offer a more reliable and foolproof method of authentication than traditional methods such as passwords or ID cards.

There are a variety of different biometric solutions available, each with its own advantages. Fingerprint recognition is one of the most common, followed by other methods such as iris scanning. Facial recognition is another popular solution and is particularly well-suited for use in public places such as airports or stadiums.

Leading the way in touchless biometrics

“At TBS, we believe biometrics technology should empower authorised people to freely access premises and assets. As a provider of biometric access control and workforce management solutions, TBS is committed to providing the highest levels of security and convenience for your business,” said Stefan Schaffner CEO of TBS.

“With the latest innovation, 3D FLY, TBS has created a new 100% touchless on-the-fly identification experience that is fast, secure and easy to use. The result: high-speed identification for high-throughput situations. TBS 3D FLY is a touchless hand scanner meeting the highest hygiene and security standards while using one of the strongest and most stable biometric markers in the human body, our fingerprints. The 3D FLY offers a superior sensor technology that identifies a person within one second. The process is so fast that users can present their hand whilst walking towards 3D FLY and through the speed gate without stopping nor slowing down. This consent-based touchless biometric technology from TBS is the go-to solution for a true on-the-fly identification experience,” said Schaffner.  

TBS offers a complete range of biometric devices to meet the most demanding application, integration and end-user needs. Our portfolio adapts to each environment, never compromising between security and convenience.

3D AIR is the newest generation of touchless fingerprint scanner: fast & accurate using unique TBS 3D sensor technology. Touchless fingerprint scanners are becoming increasingly popular in a variety of settings, from office buildings to hospitals. There are many advantages to using touchless fingerprint scanners, including that they are more accurate and fully hygienic.

The touchless 3D LIGHT combines the security of iris recognition with the convenience of face detection, including mask check and optional body temperature measurement. Iris scanning is a biometric technology that uses the unique patterns in a person’s iris to identify them. It is a contactless process that is quick and easy to use, making it ideal for use in security applications.

2D IRON is a robust multi-spectral fingerprint sensor. It provides the user with a sense of comfort and reliability. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications, it can withstand harsh environmental conditions to deliver superior identification performance wherever you need it, including liveness detection.

Project potential

TBS is behind many large and prestigious projects in various fields. TBS readers are used primarily in government, finance, health, critical infrastructure, facility and hospitality. In access control they guarantee personalised and traceable access, in workforce management they provide safe and verifiable work processes or true and accurate time recording. Our data security concept has been thoroughly reviewed by experts in high-security access control. Countless customers – including leading banks and governmental institutions – rely on the highly secure data storage and transmission of biometric data within the TBS infrastructure. 

Switzerland is considered a safe haven with a long-standing tradition of security. Discretion, precision and reliability are typical Swiss virtues that characterise our work and our service culture. For these reasons our products are primarily designed and manufactured in Switzerland.

We secure what matters. TBS not only in provides excellent biometric solutions for access control and time and attendance but is also a trusted advisor. We believe educating partners, customers and citizens about security and biometrics is more important than striking a quick deal. This is why we praise collaboration and dialogue. 

TBS makes it happen. New projects demand new implementations. As a flexible young company with a very experienced development team, we integrate new security functions according to our customer wishes. We are the trailblazers and offer you a system that is always ahead of the state-of-the-art.

We are the biometric experts capable of translating your special project needs into smart and secure working solutions. Contact us with your project specifications. We will be thrilled to assist you. 


TBS will be presenting its world-renowned biometric systems and solutions at SECURITY ESSEN 2022, taking place between the 20th and 23rd of September 2022, in Essen (Germany). Visit us in hall 6, booth 6C37 and learn more about our biometric solutions.

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