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ID reader integrated by BioRugged to enhance new biometric multi-application devices


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Digital ID expert Elyctis has had their document readers selected by BioRugged as they look to boost their new range of biometric border control, civil registration and law enforcement devices.

According to an announcement, the integration of the ID readers, Elyctis ID Box, will ease the workflow of border control officers and facilitate passenger checks in many ways. Elyctis last year introduced an expanded portfolio of the ID Box to enhance its biometric ID document reading capabilities.

Apart from the integration of the ID Box with the BioWolf DEZ, the BioRugged Marquee 5.1 terminal now also comes with an integrated Elyctis ID Box One document reader. The scanner reads the MRZ (machine-readable zone on machine-readable passports), contact and contactless interfaces of all ID documents, making it ideal for use in all border control booths thanks to its small form factor and specific design, the announcement says.

The integration of the Elyctis ID Box One solution, the companies underline, is important not only because it enables fast reading of ID documents, but that is has compatibility with all types of biometric passports and ID cards.

The ID readers have been designed with specific consideration for challenges that come with reading ID documents while their integration has been made easy for different systems. The system also comes with Elyctis firmware, the ID Box Software Development Kits (SDK), which is delivered free of charge to integrators and guarantees an easy integration process for terminal developers.

Commenting on the partnership, BioRugged CEO Arnd Langguth says: “Elyctis ID readers are proven to be the best fit for border control applications: they have been tested and validated to read fast and accurately all chips and all passports. Elyctis not only provides reliable, cost effective and easy to integrate readers, but also an outstanding support for hardware and software integration. They are recognised and used by Government authorities worldwide.”

“We’re very happy to have been selected by BioRugged, a company with an excellent reputation for designing ruggedised yet user-friendly professional terminals, for their new border control device range. Unlike smartphone developments, our half-page readers are totally adapted to professional applications as they include a dedicated MRZ scanner which is able to read MRZ lines without movement in any circumstances and environmental conditions (dark, sunlight) and a dedicated RF chip (not a standard NFC reader as those common in smartphones),” states Elyctis CEO Alexandre Joly.

BioRugged was among the companies that showcased new biometrics and digital ID products during the ID4Africa 2022 General Meeting in Marrakesh, with the display of the BioRugged Marquee 5.1 device.

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