ICT confirms update availability for VMS integration


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ICT has announced that an update is now available to the comprehensive Nx Witness VMS integration to support v5.0.

Enabled via the Protege GX Nx Witness Video Service, a seamless integration between Protege GX
and the DVR server is provided. This empowers personnel to control cameras and view live
and historical video footage from within the Protege GX interface.

Fully customisable Protege GX Status pages can be deployed to provide complete oversight over a
protected property and should an alarm or event be triggered, a live camera feed can be configured
to popup within Protege GX to deliver real time feedback to security personnel.

Any number of licensed Nx Witness cameras can be linked to a door, input, output or area for immediate action and ease of reporting.

Tony Luce, VP of Product Marketing, ICT commented: “ICT’s Protege GX high level integration with Nx Witness VMS, and all Powered by Nx products, strengthens the products of both companies and offers a new level of interoperability between access control and alarm for systems integrators and end users
around the globe who use either or both systems to secure and monitor their facilities.

“The included high level interface provides bi-directional exchange of information, enabling the communication of PTZ triggers and alarm interfaces back to the DVR.

“If desired, VMS events such as ‘Motion Detected’ can be monitored directly in Protege GX.”

Richard Hawker, Chief Revenue Officer, ICT added: “Protege strives to be a fully unified platform for
access, intrusion and video surveillance; this enhanced integration with Nx Witness keeps us on this
path while delivering on customer expectations”.

Protege GX feature support for Nx Witness v5.0 also enables operators to:

  • View historic and archived video footage
  • View live or archived video footage directly from an event associated with a camera
  • Automatically launch a camera view window when specific types of events occur
  • Send pre-set PTZ commands to the VMS in response to a Protege GX event filter
  • View HLI events directly in Protege GX such as motion detection, storage full, server temperature alarm, camera IP conflict, camera disconnected and video analytic events

To find out more information, visit: https://ict.co/vms-integration

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