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ICT expands multifamily offering with tenancy portal


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ICT, a manufacturer of intelligent access control and security solutions announced the release of a dedicated protocol to sync ICT’s video intercom entry stations with a Protege GX central server.

Following ICT’s design ethos to deliver unified access and intrusion solutions, the Tenancy Portal brings together entry management with user records and access-controlled doors. Authorised occupants and visitors get seamless movement in and out of a building.

Specifically designed for multifamily or corporate installations, ICT offers a versatile 17” high resolution video intercom entry station to facilitate the movement of visitors and deliveries into the building, while providing a comprehensive audit trail and high-security functionality.

Working in conjunction with the Protege Mobile App, building occupants can unlock the main entry door for visitors and enable elevator access with the touch of a button and the convenience of any location.

User management from within Protege GX for concierge or property management staff is intuitive. The scheduled sync via the Tenancy Portal enables records on the video intercom station to be updated as regularly as needed. Acting as a phonebook for the apartment complex, any changes to occupancies, such as new tenants or contact information, will be automatically reflected.

Richard Hawker, Chief Revenue Officer for ICT says: “The Tenancy Portal enables a fully unified solution for multifamily applications. You can manage access control, intrusion events, camera integrations and now visitor entry from a single platform. For property managers and security installers, it’s a game changer.”

Key products in the ICT multifamily portfolio include:

• 17” high resolution weatherproof video intercom entry station

• Protege Mobile App for apartment access, control and visitor management

• Protege GX for user management and centralised property security and access control

• Tenancy Portal for user record and phonebook synchronisation with entry station

• tSec card readers for hardwired door access

• Third party integration capabilities for VMS, wireless locking and elevator control

• Data Sync and API for enhanced integration with property management systems

With the growing population demand of cities (analysts estimate that 4.6 million apartment units need to be built across the United States alone), managing visitor access for hundreds of people in apartments or condos can be simplified with a unified ICT solution.

For more information on ICT’s multifamily solutions, visit: ict.co/products-solutions/our-solutions/multifamily-residential/

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