i-PRO adds new vehicle identification features to Active Guard


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i-PRO has confirmed the latest release of its popular Active Guard application that adds support for Vaxtor automatic ANPR/ALPR.

The new version also offers make, model and vehicle colour identification.

According to the professional security solutions provider, the Vaxtor software has been tuned to run efficiently on the edge when installed within i-PRO AI-enabled cameras.

This provides the same level of performance normally associated with high end PC processor architectures.

Moreover, it delivers ALPR and MMC data – as well as other AI-based attributes – into popular video management systems, providing a unified experience for operators.

“An open platform approach”

Active Guard helps significantly streamline operations for security officers.

The solution enables officers to no longer spend time looking at multiple screens for persons or vehicles of interest or watch hours of recorded video.

“The latest version of Active Guard further demonstrates our commitment to an open platform approach as Vaxtor is the first third party analytic to be hosted within the application itself,” commented Philippe Henaine, Manager, Strategic Partners, i-PRO EMEA.

“It’s a big step in the evolution that enables developers on the edge to connect to market-leading VMS effortlessly within a single UI.”

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