i-PRO introduces new FlexPay Financing program

i-PRO introduces new FlexPay Financing program

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i-PRO has recently confirmed the introduction of its new FlexPay Financing program, designed to assist organisations as they look to stay up-to-date with security technology in line with budget requirements.

The global solutions provider’s new program offers a path to ownership without disrupting the procurement process, offering flexible options and enabling customers to purchase third party hardware, software and services as a bundle. 

“Helping organisations build the best possible solutions”

Bill Brennan, CEO, i-PRO Americas commented: “New AI analytics technology is critical to strengthening physical security and situational awareness.

“As a responsible vendor, we’re committed to helping organisations build the best possible solutions for their specific needs – with products from i-PRO along with other providers – and fit into their available funding levels and schedules.

“We believe that giving people more options helps them make better competitive evaluations and procurement decisions.

“We know it gives them better return on investment than proprietary models over the long term.”

i-PRO’s FlexPay Financing aims to help organisations access the best security technology available. To find out more information about the program, click here.

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