i-PRO unveils 4K AI-enabled multi-directional dual sensor cameras


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i-PRO is preparing to expand its multi-sensor camera line-up with six new dual-sensor models.

With support for up to two 4K sensors, the i-PRO S-series offers high resolution and includes a powerful edge AI chip with free pre-installed applications. In fact, up to four different AI-based analytic apps can be used in varying combinations.

The new i-PRO multi-directional dual sensor cameras efficiently monitor two separate areas simultaneously such as hallway intersections with a small form factor requiring minimum power, cabling and only a single VMS license.

A corridor mode enables an optimised aspect ratio to get less wall and more hall, providing the best image regardless of deployment.

Gerard Figols, President, i-PRO EMEA said: “With the launch of our new dual sensor models, i-PRO is again delivering on its AI-fication strategy and now offering a complete range of multi-sensor cameras.

“From five sensors on the multi-directional + PTZ to four and three sensor multi-directional cameras and now the dual sensor models, there is a high quality product available for every installation to minimise blind spots and access the full potential of i-PRO’s deep-learning edge-AI applications.

“Having dual 4K sensors plus AI-based analytics raises the bar again for performance and flexibility.”

The four S-series models can be configured with dual 4K sensors with 3.1mm fixed lenses supplying the widest 104° FOV or dual 4MP sensors with 2.9-7.3mm motorised varifocal lenses with a 100° FOV and a 2.5x zoom.

In addition to its excellent low-light performance, the cameras also feature IR LED illumination supporting a distance of 40m (30IRE). Each model can be ordered in either a white or black housing to suit any installation requirements.

Advanced AI-based sound classification analytics are also available with S-series models when using a specialty mount with an embedded microphone.

With the ability to detect yells, glass breaking, vehicle horns and gunshots, this provides a comprehensive video and sound analytics package unique in the industry.

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