Hörmann UK launches M30 mobile road blocker

Hörmann UK

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Hörmann UK has recently confirmed the launch of its new M30 mobile road blocker.

The modular barrier system is said to offer a practical and simple solution for secure and flexible perimeter protection.

The solution is therefore ideal to secure events and public spaces.

M30 from Hörmann UK

According to Hörmann UK, the M30 has been designed as a modular system.

This means it allows for modules with a retractable alarm contact element to be easily combined with units which allow free pedestrian and cyclist transit. 

Not only does this make adaptable to individual site security requirements, it has also been developed to be combined with the Hörmann OktaBlock mobile vehicle blocker to provide an additional level of hostile vehicle mitigation.

Other key features include:

  • A barrier height of 850mm
  • Suitable for average use frequencies of up to 150 cycles per day
  • Certified to the latest standards for mobile access – DIN SPEC 91414-1 and PAS / IWA
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