New stone finishes for Hörmann security bollards


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The extensive range of fixed and automatic security bollards supplied by Hörmann UK has been enhanced with the introduction of new stone finishes, providing designers with the opportunity to creatively integrate HVM (hostile vehicle mitigation) security equipment with existing street scenes.

For bollards of 275mm in diameter, with heights of 600mm or 800mm, three granite finishes have been launched – two rough and one polished, with other stone surfaces available on request.

Hörmann have also developed the capability to create custom-made finishes. This reflects the desire to be able to seamlessly blend physical security features into varied and at times historic environments, whilst protecting pedestrians. In a recent installation, Hörmann worked in close collaboration with the City of Milan authorities, with customised bollards specified to replace the old, fixed, concrete barriers at the entrance to the city center. This included the installation of matching automatic, retractable bollards, providing access for emergency and other authorised vehicles.

Designed to complement the appearance of the existing surfaces and buildings, Hörmann security bollards were supplied featuring a cladding of light stone. In addition, an individually engraved top plate was produced showing a map of the city center. The ability to include customised elements means that emblems, logos, or any suitable design can be specified to provide a unique and eye-catching feature.

Mark Lester of Hörmann UK comments: “At Hörmann we are constantly looking at innovative ways to improve our perimeter protection products. The ability to clad and customise our bollards now provides urban designers and planners with the option of creating schemes that combine high security products with pleasing aesthetics.

“The introduction of a stone cladding to our automatic security bollards is particularly exciting as it is unique to Hörmann and a first in the marketplace.”

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