Hörmann OktaBlock helps to protect Edinburgh Fringe


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Billed as the greatest single celebration of arts and culture on the planet, this year saw the Edinburgh Fringe mark its’ 75th anniversary attracting thousands of visitors into the City Centre. Helping to keep visitors and performers safe, Edinburgh City Council installed 12 Hörmann Oktablock mobile vehicle blockers to provide hostile vehicle mitigation whilst offering the highest standards in safety and flexibility for pedestrian access.

Installed in two popular, busy festival venues, Hörmann OktaBlock was developed in response to vehicle related terrorist attacks across Europe. The announcement of the Government’s Protect Duty Bill in the Queens Speech will introduce a new duty on those responsible for publicly accessible places to protect the public from risks such as terror attacks. The Bill further highlights the need for flexible and cost-effective security solutions to address the challenges that will be faced by local authorities, event organisers and venue owners.

Designed to replace temporary concrete barriers, OktaBlock offers the highest standards in safety and flexibility, whilst being easy to deploy without the costs normally associated with fixed security bollards or blockers. Certified as a single module, OktaBlock has been designed to be unobtrusive, making it ideal for specification in public spaces, whilst its exterior can be customised to feature bespoke information.

Offering a truly flexible solution to meet specific venue requirements, OktaBlock can be arranged individually, in rows or offset and is ideal for areas where fastening into the subsurface are not possible. Due to its’ axisymmetric geometry, OktaBlock has no predefined impact side meaning that it can stop a vehicle from any direction making it ideal for the venues in George Square and at The Museum of Fire at Lauriston Place.

Impressively a single OktaBlock can stop a 7.5 tonne truck travelling at speeds of fifty kilometres per hour and is certified according to international crash standards PAS68 / IWA 14-1. OktaBlock also holds a CPNI Vehicle Attack Delay Standard (VADs) rating when used in specific configurations, which was a key element in the decision made by the City Council to specify Oktablock for use at the Fringe.

OktaBlock can be easily moved using a forklift truck or the newly available OktaMover manual handling device, making it simple to position whilst providing access for rescue vehicles as and when required. Its’ tamper-proof and non-flammable construction also mean there is no need for physical guarding before, during and after the event.

Claire Miller of Edinburgh City Council commented: “The City of Edinburgh Council were delighted to work with Hörmann for the trial installation of a number of hostile vehicle mitigation measures at this year’s summer festivals. It is with thanks to Hörmann and our key partners that we were able to bring new equipment to the city and keep our citizens, visitors and residents safe at one of the busiest areas of Edinburgh during the festivals.”

For more information, visit: hormann.co.uk

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