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Honeywell improves gate safety at Napoli airport


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Honeywell and GE.S.A.C., operator of Napoli International Airport (NAP) have recently announced that Honeywell’s Advanced Visual Docking Guidance System (A-VDGS) has been selected to be deployed at its gates.

Docking technology

According to the company, the guidance system enables aircrafts to safely and efficiently come to parking positions after landing to improve turnaround management performance. The docking technology will allow NAP to increase operational efficiency and enhance the customer experience and overall airport safety.

“Today’s airports increasingly rely on efficient gate assignment and real-time views of gate activity to optimise performance,” said Alexander Cowen, General Manager, Global Airports, Honeywell. “We’ve worked with NAP to enhance its indoor airport operations or terminal and now it’s time to deliver our technologies for airside. With our proprietary A-VDGS, Napoli will increase its capability of safe gate operations, benefitting both travelers and airlines.”


Honeywell is set to deploy the A-VDGS units at four contact parking stands. A-VDGS will be integrated to help optimise gate usage and operations by capturing real-time aircraft gate arrival and departure times, as well as increase the capability of existing passenger terminal resources. Combining highly specialised, customised hardware and software components, the system will be integrated into a one-gate ecosystem, meeting the airport’s concept of operation (ConOps).

Additionally, the company says that through advanced safety algorithms that can detect moving or stationary objects up to 100 metres, A-VDGS provides enhanced guidance to pilots to help detect obstacles that could pose risks to an aircraft, allowing for efficient docking.

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