Honeywell launches 60 Series IP video 5MP cameras for faster verification of threats


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Honeywell is launching a new 60 Series line of 5MP IP cameras that offer greater detail than traditional camera and recorder solutions and are well suited for users who want fast notification and verification of potential threats and responses. The 5MP video delivers a clearer picture and can be zoomed in from greater distances, allowing for fewer cameras to cover a larger area of view.

Key benefits and features:

Meets stringent requirements with cybersecurity protection: The 60 Series cameras undergo strict quality testing and regulatory compliance and are compliant with security product test and certification. The 60 Series cameras feature TLS1.2 (HTTPS) encrypted streaming, adhere to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) and include a built-in NIST FIPS encryption chipset. Together, these elements help meet the increasingly stringent requirements being set by IT Departments to shield businesses against unauthorised access and unsanctioned distribution of data and video. It features secured onboard storage with local encryption on micro SDCard.

Delivers high quality images day or night: Features built-in six video analytics that integrates with MAXPRO NVRs/VMS and OpenVA to support third party applications. It offers improved images using lenses with Precise-Iris (P-Iris) and clear night images with Smart IR LEDs. It features telephoto zoom options for clearer human face images. The 60 Series provides excellent picture clarity at minimal bandwidth while offering maximum protection against dust and water.

Reduces cost of ownership: Saves up to 50% of storage space with H.265 HEVC Smart codec and WiFi setup capabilities allow for setup via a mobile phone. Its saves on installation with the Unified Tool that optimises device discovery time and minimises IP configuration time using Automatic Private Internet Protocol Addressing (APIPA) protocol. The 60 Series cameras offer exceptional picture clarity, flexible system integration, secure data transmission and easy installation.

The Honeywell portfolio

The 60 Series IP cameras include 5MP indoor and outdoor dome, bullet and outdoor speed dome and a 2MP outdoor speed dome. The 60 Series is part of the Honeywell connected security portfolio which can provide customers a complete solution with video, access control, intrusion and integrated security products. Learn more about the Honeywell 60 Series IP cameras here.

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