Honeywell to present the power of quantum computing at Expo 2020 Dubai


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Honeywell will showcase the power of quantum computing to millions of visitors from around the world at the USA Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai when it opens its doors in October 2021.

Honeywell’s quantum computing display will feature prominently in the USA Pavilion’s main immersive exhibit, exploring the future of America’s technological advances in the current century and beyond. Honeywell is an official sponsor of the USA Pavilion, which is being organised by the US Department of State through the US Consulate General in Dubai. 

Acting Commissioner General of the USA Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai Philip Frayne said: “America’s pursuit of prosperity, opportunity and freedom has been the driving force behind our country’s development. The USA Pavilion at Expo 2020 will showcase some of the biggest and boldest inventions in America’s history and we are delighted to partner with Honeywell and incorporate their ground-breaking advances in quantum computing into our exhibit.”

The showcase will mark the first time Honeywell has presented its capabilities in quantum computing to the Middle East and will highlight how the technology’s vast computational power has the potential to solve the biggest challenges facing humanity, such as the ability to discover new medications and develop new treatments for medical conditions.

“From the first furnace regulator, the basis for the modern thermostat, in 1885 to the first aircraft autopilot and the industry-standard of barcode used on products worldwide, our inventions have had a transformational impact on our world for more than a century,” said Norm Gilsdorf, Vice President Global High Growth Regions, Honeywell. “Yet society still faces many complex challenges, from medical discoveries needed to keep us safe to the long-term sustainability of our planet. It is therefore with great pride that we are bringing our latest innovation milestone – quantum computing – to Expo 2020, a radical leap forward in technology that can unlock solutions to those challenges and shape our future for decades to come.”

Quantum computers harness the unique properties of quantum physics to solve problems too complex or intractable for today’s computers.

Honeywell has been leading the race for quantum computing supremacy since it announced its entry into the market in 2018. In 2019 it launched and commercialised its system, which is already being used by leading companies around the world to solve previously insurmountable challenges.

In June 2021 Honeywell announced it will work with UK-based Cambridge Quantum Computing to form the world’s largest standalone quantum computing company and capitalise on what it expects to become a US$1 trillion quantum computing industry over the next three decades.

The USA Pavilion, which will also be equipped with a range of Honeywell’s most advanced security and access control technologies, will take visitors on an immersive tour of American ideals, enterprise and innovation and highlight the work of American companies like Honeywell that have positively shaped our world, under the theme “Life, Liberty and Pursuit of the Future”.

Honeywell has a long history of innovation stretching back more than six decades in the Middle East, which began when the company supplied its first refinery control technologies to the region in 1948. Today, Honeywell supports the digital transformation of industrial companies across the Middle East in sectors spanning smart cities to logistics, healthcare and energy. It runs initiatives, training academies and strategic partnerships to support the localisation objectives of the region’s national visions and delivers connected technologies that help customers turn operational data into actionable insights that drive growth.

Expo 2020 will run from 1 October 2021 until 31 March 2022.

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