Hikvision unveils new range of network speakers

network speakers

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Hikvision has confirmed the release of its new audio product line which features a variety of advanced network speakers.

This new product line is expected to offer users a smarter audio experience, enhanced security, simplified installation and streamlined post-sales service.

Hikvision network speakers

The range features network speakers, spanning the network horn, ceiling, cabinet and column models.

According to Hikvision, every product is designed to meet unique application needs to ensure flexibility and adaptability across numerous environments.

Hikvision’s network speakers feature a range of broadcast modes to cater to a wide variety of scenarios.

The modes include live broadcast, scheduled broadcast, alarm linkage broadcast and emergency mustering linked broadcast.

Whether the products are primarily used for security or background music, in settings such as hospitals or shopping malls, these speakers can deliver important messages effectively when necessary.

Synchronised audio and video responses to potential threats or incidents helps to amplify alarm systems.

A user friendly interface and remote configuration options provide added convenience and peace of mind for users.

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