Hikvision launches 4-wire 720p analog intercom solution

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Hikvision has unveiled its new 4-wire HD analog intercom solution.

Designed to enhance security and convenience for villa and apartment owners and visitors, the new solution is said to leverage the company’s High Definition Transport Video Interface (HDTVI) technology.

This delivers 720p image quality and enhances deployment, providing intuitive controls and extended transmission distance over four wire analog infrastructure.

“Ease of use and cost effectiveness”

“The analog intercom market also craves high definition solutions,” remarked Clark Ying, Intercom Product Manager, Hikvision.

“And we are proud to launch this HD analog solution to cater to the growing needs of residents for security and convenience.

“It adopts TVI technology, offering 720p HD image quality while retaining the ease of use and cost effectiveness of an analog system.”

According to Hikvision, the installation process is simply plug-and-play.

To find out more information, visit: www.hikvision.com

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