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Hikvision unveils 5th Generation LED cabinet

5th Generation

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Hikvision has launched its 5th Generation LED cabinet, introducing the latest breakthroughs in display technology, the company reports.

With advanced industrial design, this new release promises industry leading performance and convenience, setting a new standard for visual experience.

Advanced industrial design

Hikvision’s 5th Generation LED cabinet represents the great example of design and functionality. Its sleek yet robust structure, combined with big board splicing, streamlines installation while ensuring durability.

Superior cabinet features

This new release presents Hikvision’s latest superior cabinet, boasting a sleek 29.3 mm design that seamlessly blends elegance with efficiency.

Weighing just 17 kg/m², installation is effortless. More than that, it has a remarkable tensile strength of up to 2,000 N and even the ability to splice 50 rows spanning up to 17m without deformation.

Innovative big board splicing

Featuring larger lamp boards and fewer seams, the innovative big board design simplifies splicing, ensuring convenient and accurate installation.

With reduced lamp boards, both time and effort are saved, while the risk of lamp bead dropping is significantly minimised.

With a 16:9 aspect ratio and dimensions of 600*337.5 mm, the 5th Generation cabinets enable convenient splicing into FHD/UHD resolutions.

Removable backplane plate

Each cabinet includes a removable backplane plate, allowing for easy passage of power and network cables.

This not only enhances aesthetics but also functionality, ultimately improving the user experience.

Horizontal and vertical wiring

The Hikvision’s 5th Generation LED cabinet supports wiring in both horizontal and vertical directions, eliminating the need for power cables to detour.

This innovation reduces the wiring costs and enhances efficiency.

Exceptional convenience

The Hikvision’s 5th Generation LED cabinet marks a pioneering move with the introduction of a unified platform, accommodating three lamp board technologies: COB (chip on board), HOB (Hikvision glue on board) and SMD (surface mount device), which reduces the risk of obsolete inventory and minimises product iteration costs.

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