New HikCentral Professional 2.5 with add-on applications

HikCentral Professional 2.5 (1)

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Hikvision has confirmed the release of HikCentral Professional 2.5, upgraded software for integrated security management.

Featuring application enhancements, streamlined functionality and add-on applications, the new version is set to deliver customisable experiences and security management on a versatile platform.

HikCentral Professional 2.5

“The release of HikCentral Professional 2.5 is a significant milestone for us and our customers,” commented Fred Wu, Product Director, Hikvision.

“The upgraded software enables effective management of a wider range of activities on a single platform. We’re excited to deliver this enhanced value to our customers.”

HikCentral Professional 2.5 gives users the flexibility to opt for full scale installation or a flexible approach, expanding systems with additional features when necessary.

With 15 optional add-on applications, the enhanced software covers business and security demands across a variety of sectors and use cases. The add-ons include features such as:

  • Smart walls
  • Parking lot management
  • Attendance management
  • On-board monitoring
  • Portable enforcement
  • Evidence management
  • AR
  • Guard patrol
  • Commercial display
  • Security inspection

Functionality and integration

The software’s base package is comprised of video and access control, providing users with a foundation that requires only an i3-CPU and 4 GB RAM.

The open architecture of HikCentral Professional 2.5 also enables integration with various systems and provides easy management of third party devices.

Moreover, by adding professional APIs and a web-based no-plugin solution, the company has ensured functionality extension beyond security to meet a range of demands and requirements.

To find out more information about HikCentral Professional 2.5, visit:

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