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STid: Making high security intuitive

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ISJ May Edition Exclusive

Bastien Castets, Regional Sales Director, Middle East, STid chats mobile access, data protection and IFSEC with International Security Journal.

With the explosion of cyber-crime and identity theft, identity management has become a real challenge. Ensuring data protection is essential when deploying systems such as access control applications that rely on the identity of employees, contractors and visitors.

In this article, International Security Journal hears from Bastien Castets, Regional Sales Director, Middle East, STid about how the company’s Mobile ID ensures more efficient and intuitive access management while maintaining optimal security.

How does STid Mobile IDsimplify access management?

Managing physical access cards can be a daily headache. Managers’ time is taken up with hand delivering access badges to users, dealing with the hassle and security risk of lost badges and ensuring that access rights are revoked on time, among many other things.

By transferring the access badge to a smartphone for visitors, subcontractors and employees, organisations can instantly simplify card management. Virtual access badges can be created, distributed and revoked immediately, at any time and from anywhere in the world.

The system digitises all access badges and stores them in a single application to manage physical access for employees, visitors, service providers, etc., in line with security needs and constraints. By programming the reader with STid Mobile ID, the security level can be adjusted depending on the profile and time of day. In the evening, in particular, when offices are closed, it’s possible to implement strong authentication, with biometric recognition.

The solution supports six intuitive modes of identification and user interaction (tap-tap, hands-free mode, voice command, slide mode, remote mode, badge mode). STid Mobile ID can easily be adapted to various use cases without compromising ease of use or security.

Storing the badge on a smartphone makes it possible to rethink and remove the constraints of  traditional access control. Employees become even more motivated to adhere to the organisation’s security policy because usage becomes instinctive.

Can you tell us more about how you offer an end-to-end security system with STid Mobile ID?

STid is committed to effectively providing building access to the right people at the right time, while protecting customers’ data and ensuring advanced identity authentication.

We understand that data security is a key issue for organisations. Solutions like STid Mobile ID offer a real solution for effective data protection. The solution protects data stored in the phone by using the latest encryption and authentication methods. Moreover, the system interconnects all peripheral devices and offers end-to-end security through, in particular, the OSDP and SSCP Protocols.

These standards help protect communication between physical and digital access control devices and enable a secure connection between the reader and management system controllers or software. The security level defined for the design of the STid Mobile ID virtual card wallet is equivalent to that of MIFARE DESFire. This ensures the highest levels of security.

We look forward to seeing you from 16-18 May 2023 at ExCeL London on Booth IF.2820. Come and test all the possibilities of our high security identification solutions.

STid at IFSEC: The high security experience

STid is extremely excited about the upcoming instalment of IFSEC. This year, the company is putting even more energy in to providing live demonstrations of its high security products. STid’s approach is focused on the needs of the user and what they can get from high security.

Visitors to the event will experience the power of the STid Mobile ID platform, its comprehensive range of scalable and high security Architect readers and the performance of its SPECTRE range.

The company will also demonstrate why its identification solutions are scalable and how it supports the migration towards solutions (with the 125 kHz module) that are intuitive and secure to use.

Visit STid on Booth IF.2820 and find out more information here: https://stid.com/en/

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