HID’s new partnership aims to elevate patient experiences

HID - patient experience

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HID, in partnership with CERTIFY Health and CTS, has introduced a new self-service patient engagement and facial recognition solution.

This development aims to enhance healthcare operations and improve patient service standards across various touchpoints.

Key features and benefits

  • Patient onboarding
  • Biometric authentication
  • Patient communications
  • Digital forms
  • Appointment scheduling and management
  • Payment collection
  • Efficient and accurate patient identification
  • Enhanced patient care and safety through positive identification
  • Streamlined medical records management to prevent errors and discrepancies
  • Prevention of medical fraud through irrefutable patient identity verification

The company‘s U.ARE.U Camera Identification System integrates artificial intelligence with multispectral imaging technology to achieve precise identification and authentication.

HID’s solution

This solution offers notable face matching performance and accuracy, along with ethically trained AI to minimise biases in matching.

Additionally, it features robust presentation attack detection capabilities to counter spoof attempts and on device biometric processing for improved performance, security and privacy.

The seamless integration of HID’s technology with CERTIFY Health’s platform and CTS’ customisable self service kiosk ensures a secure, efficient patient experience.

The solution simplifies administrative tasks, reduces patient wait times and enhances overall operational efficiency.

Explore the patient-centric offering at Booth #863 during HIMSS 2024.

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