HID digital wallet integration for simplified access control

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HID now offers users the integration of employee badges into digital wallets.

The identity solutions provider has suggested that this will greatly increase the availability of convenient access to workplaces.

HID integration simplifies access control

HID has suggested that this integration will simplify access whilst improving experiences for users.

Not only are employees no longer required to present physical access cards, but they can interact with readers via their smartphone or smartwatch.

To do so, employees simply need to activate their badge within the digital wallet.

This authorisation can then not only be used for access, but also to interact with corporate applications.

“Essential components”

“With digital employee badges, companies are adapting to the usage habits of their employees,” commented Gustavo Gassmann, Vice President of Emerging Markets, PACS, HID.

“Mobile devices have become essential components of most people’s daily lives, not just for their useful features but also for the invaluable, convenient benefits they provide.

“And, because people always have their devices with them, accessing places and moving around different parts of the building through them makes sense.”

To find out more information about HID’s solutions, visit the website.

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