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Help AG enables Middle East businesses to rapidly detect cyber threats

Help AG

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To empower Middle East businesses to mitigate the financial and reputational impact of cyber-attacks, Help AG has unveiled its new Critical Services Integrity Monitoring (CSIM) service. An ‘add-on’ to the company’s Managed Detection and Response (MDR) offering, this new addition delivers 24×7 monitoring of DNS records, SSL certificates and website landing pages, thereby protecting customers against service unavailability and the interception and manipulation of sensitive digital communications. Marking a significant value addition for its customers, the company announced that this service will be extended to all its existing MSS clients.

“The unfortunate reality for organisations today is that cyber-attacks are inevitable and can result from a multitude of reasons,” explained Stephan Berner, CEO at Help AG. “Our new CSIM service enables businesses to trust vital elements of their websites and online environments to our expertly qualified team who work around the clock to monitor and address those critical issues and incidents that can so easily go undetected. This means that our customers can stay a step ahead of any incident.”

As with all Help AG Managed Security Services, the new Critical Services Integrity Monitoring offering is delivered through the company’s Cyber Security Operations Centre (CSOC) which leverages best-of-breed security products from industry leading vendors that include Splunk, Vectra, Demisto, Palo Alto Networks and Carbon Black. By using these tools and integrating them within CSOC workflows, Help AG’s CSIM service provides:

  • Detection of suspicious changes to SSL Certificates:If a public-facing website has a certificate that has been changed or expired, it could enable hackers to take over that system, allowing them to intercept communications or tamper with sensitive data. This service protects against this by monitoring SSL certificates and flagging changes.
  • Website Front Page Monitoring:By constantly testing key website parameters including time for DNS response, time to load first byte, and total download time, Help AG could rapidly identify issues such as Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, or service unavailability.
  • Monitoring of DNS Records:82% of companies have experienced a DNS attack, with the average cost impact estimated at $1.07 million. By detecting malicious changes to DNS records, Help AG can help organisations avoid exploitation that could otherwise result in data leaks, phishing and other attacks.

The unveiling of its CSIM service is in line with Help AG’s redesign and rationalisation of its MSS portfolio. This has been strategically undertaken to streamline services and allow easy future expansion. The company’s MSS offering today consists of six services – Managed Detection and Response, Managed Security Controls, Endpoint Detection and Response, Managed Vulnerability Assessment, Managed Threat Intelligence and MSS Add-ons.

Commenting on the evolution of the company’s security services portfolio, Berner said, “Since the establishment of our Managed Security Service division, we have been fine-tuning our offering to pre-empt and meet the needs of the market. Rather than just implementing security platforms, we are helping businesses really optimise their security investments to address their most critical threats – all without the cumbersome overheads of having to recruit, train and retain qualified cybersecurity professionals.”

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