Help AG and Forcepoint partner to enable Middle East enterprises to protect their data


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In a move that strengthens its ability to enable Middle East businesses to protect their data against breaches, insider threats and cyber-attacks, Help AG has entered into partnership with global cybersecurity provider, Forcepoint. While the agreement extends across Forcepoint’s entire product portfolio, Help AG will focus particularly on the vendor’s unique dynamic security protection offerings, Dynamic Data Protection, Dynamic Edge Protection and Dynamic User protection, offering these to enterprises in the UAE and KSA.

“Data is one of the most valuable assets for businesses and its protection is therefore a top priority. Middle East organisations are looking to safeguard their data, not just for compliance purposes, but also because of the potential impact breaches can have on business continuity and brand reputation,” explained Stephan Berner, CEO at Help AG. Research by the Ponemon Institute has shown that the impact of data breaches has been especially severe for Middle East organisations. The region reports the world’s highest average number of breached records, at 38,000 per incident, with the average cost of each data breach averaging at nearly US$6 million. Both these figures are about 50% more than the global average.

“Forcepoint’s security solutions perfectly compliment the rest of our portfolio and their model has the benefit of supporting both cloud and on-premise deployment options. Furthermore, their open platform strategy facilitates seamless integration with other industry-leading solutions. We can therefore leverage their products to build comprehensive, multi-vendor solutions that protect the entire data life cycle for our clients, whether in the cloud or in private data centres,” said Berner.

Forcepoint offers next generation DLP, which overcomes the rigidity and hurdles of traditional DLP by reducing alert volumes, false positives and alarms to focus on what matters. Forcepoint solutions protect organisations from information leaks and data loss at the perimeter, inside the organisation and in enterprise cloud apps, including Office 365, Box, and Salesforce.

The vendor’s DLP solution includes an analytics engine that identifies and ranks high-risk incidents, reducing false positives and enabling businesses to isolate problems faster.

Dynamic Data Protection employs behavioural analytics and machine learning in its solution to examine and assess user behaviour. By understanding attributes like typical access patterns of users, this individualised, adaptive security protects enterprises against malicious user actions such as data exfiltration or unauthorised access to critical assets and systems.

“As business models evolve to meet the challenges of digital transformation, the way that organisations adapt their data protection strategies will prove critical. By moving to a human-centric approach which places the data and the understanding of user behaviour at the centre of their design, organisations can proactively protect themselves,” said Gihan Kovacs, Senior Country Manager for UAE and Pakistan at Forcepoint. “Help AG has a proven track record in rapidly assessing and embracing best of breed technologies that solve key cybersecurity challenges. We are confident that with their expertise and support we will be ready to successfully engage with and serve a broader segment of Middle East enterprises.”

Help AG is now a Platinum Partner within the vendor’s Partner Program. In addition to offering consultancy and implementation services, the company will also become an Accredited Service Provider  on behalf of Forcepoint.

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