Hanwha Vision unveils new radiometric thermal AI cameras

thermal AI cameras

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Hanwha Vision has released new bi-spectrum radiometric thermal AI cameras.

The company’s new solutions are ideal for use in perimeter protection, traffic monitoring, manufacturing, industrial facilities, data centres, solar farms and more.

New radiometric thermal AI cameras

According to Hanwha Vision, the TNM-C3620TDR/C3622TDR cameras serve as compact indoor models and feature QVGA resolution on the thermal lens and 2MP on the visible sensor.

TNM-C4940TDR/C4942TDR outdoor models combine advanced VGA thermal and 4K video.

The range is said to be designed to deliver clear images in all lighting scenarios, utilising AI-powered analytics for accurate object detection and temperature monitoring between -20°C and 130°C.

The outdoor models can not only detect objects in difficult lighting conditions, but can also alert operators to potential intrusion, loitering or other suspicious behaviours.

Meanwhile the compact indoor models feature AI on the visible channel.

Precise measurements

The bi-spectrum radiometric thermal AI cameras offer precise temperature measurements between -20°C and 130°C, making them ideal for industrial applications.

The cameras are therefore capable of alerting operators to issues such as overheating parts or equipment failure, minimising downtime and enhancing operational efficiency and safety.

Operators are able to toggle between eight different colour palettes on the thermal channel, allowing them to review any temperature changes and enhance the visibility of a scene.

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