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Hanwha Techwin: Success built on trust


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In a highly competitive marketplace where there are big questions being asked about the integrity of some manufacturers supplying video surveillance solutions, Bob (H.Y.) Hwang Ph.D., Managing Director of Hanwha Techwin Europe highlights how market trust in the Wisenet brand is helping it stand out from the crowd.

Firstly, it would be a challenge to start talking about Hanwha without two words. ‘Trust’ and ‘Loyalty’
have always been keen core values of Hanwha Techwin and they have acted as a moral compass whilst we have evolved into a global market leader.

Why are trust and loyalty so important? Well, we understand that our ongoing success will not be achieved by us just producing world class products, even if they incorporate groundbreaking technologies unique to Hanwha Techwin.

This is the reason why we have built strong partnerships with system integrators and those distributors whom they buy our products from. We fully appreciate the essential role they both play within the supply chain. We respect their expertise and understand that by working closely with them as part of an ecosystem we can create new business opportunities and most importantly, deliver maximum value to end users.

Trust can be built partly by operating with integrity and by backing our products with unbeatable pre and post sales support. However, we also consider an essential part of achieving trust is to acknowledge and reward those that work in partnership with us, which is why, for example, we offer an enhanced five year warranty which is intended to give our systems integrator partners a competitive edge.


System integrators can also have trust in the Wisenet brand from a cybersecurity point of view. We remain constantly vigilant to ensure Wisenet cameras, recording devices and software which are entrusted by systems integrators to protect their clients’ property, people and assets, are equipped to minimise the threat from cyber attacks.

Although no manufacturer can offer 100% guarantees, we have a sustained testing and monitoring programme designed to identify evolving new threats to the integrity of our solutions. We will also always be open and honest with our customers when new cybersecurity threats are identified, moving quickly to develop further advanced versions of our firmware to combat them.

A good starting point for any company providing electronic security products or services is to demonstrate it has done everything possible to protect its own IT infrastructure against the threat of a cyber attack. This is why Hanwha Techwin Europe has participated in the UK Government backed Cyber Essentials Scheme. This verifies we have adopted procedures to minimise the threat of an attack on the IT infrastructure at the company’s headquarters and this extends to cover field-based laptops. In addition, Hanwha Techwin’s information security system has been ISO 27001 certified.

Bob (H.Y.) Hwang Ph.D.

Growing together

It is an extremely exciting time to be involved in the video surveillance industry. End users are now able to achieve so much more from video surveillance solutions, other than what has been traditionally expected.

Major advances in technology are creating new sales opportunities for all of us involved in the supply chain and Hanwha Techwin is determined to work in partnership with system integrators in order to take advantage of these exciting opportunities.

We are enjoying significant success in winning orders for numerous large projects across Europe. This is a direct result of combining our product and technology knowledge with the expertise of our systems integrator partners.

Our ability to compete for these projects has been enhanced by offering sophisticated integrated solutions which match our formidable product range with specialist analytics applications provided by our hand-picked technology partners.

Our commitment to build trust means you can be assured that we will continue to invest in our pre and post sales support team in line with increasing demand. To this end, we are on a recruitment drive, seeking people of the highest calibre who share our passion for building partnerships with system integrators, as well as other contributors to the supply chain.

Hanwha Group

Our growth has been made possible by the ongoing support and encouragement of the Hanwha Group, which is one of the largest business conglomerates in South Korea.

The Hanwha Group is at the forefront of various industries including aerospace and defence, petrochemicals, solar energy, finance, construction and retail. The Group’s footprint includes domestic 76 affiliates in South Korea and 351 global networks worldwide, including America, Europe, China and the emerging markets in Southeast Asia and Middle East.

An excellent example of how we are receiving support from the Hanwha Group in order to achieve long-term success was the opening of our new 54,543m2 manufacturing facility in the Bacninh Province of Vietnam.

Logistics has also been greatly improved, ensuring that orders from the company’s distribution partners are fulfilled more efficiently and on time.

With the help of the Hanwha Group, we are determined to build on our reputation for operating with integrity and for striving to excel in everything we do.

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