Hanwha Techwin releases updated Wisenet WAVE 4.0 Video Management Software


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Hanwha Techwin has introduced a significantly updated version of its Wisenet WAVE Video Management Software (VMS) platform.

Packed with a long list of new features designed to improve the user experience, interoperability and cybersecurity, Wisenet WAVE 4.0 VMS has an enhanced system architecture which ensures high availability and supports scalable deployments by allowing up to 100 servers to be merged into a single system.

Operator Friendly

Wisenet WAVE 4.0 enables systems registered on WAVE Sync to be merged from an online dashboard, which eliminates the need to configure port-forwarding for remote merges.

A comprehensive update of the Wisenet WAVE VMS user interface includes a revamp of the notifications panel which now includes tabs for motion detection, bookmarks, events and objects, as well as quick and easy ways to search and filter each respective tab.

A new ‘Layout-as-an-Action’ feature enables a predefined screen layout to be automatically opened when an event occurs, whilst WAVE 4.0 now offers support for queue management analytics running on Wisenet cameras, as well as shock detection on Wisenet X Plus series cameras and temperature change detection on Wisenet thermal cameras.

Management of the latest generation of Wisenet cameras has also been improved, providing the ability for operators to remotely control PTZ and focus functions of Wisenet models equipped with motorised varifocal lenses.

Operators can now import offline video files captured by action cameras, wearable cameras and drones. By associating them as a virtual camera, they can be managed in the same way as video captured by any other cameras which are connected to a system.

Enhanced Security

For high security applications, Wisenet WAVE 4.0 is configurable to ensure the system only uses HTTPS and encrypts video traffic, whilst a password protection option has been added for .nov and .exe formats.

Metadata SDK and Plugins – A new software development kit (SDK) available in support of WAVE 4.0 enables rapid integration of intelligent third-party systems and devices. It includes a comprehensive feature set designed for any third-party system or application, including artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning driven computer vision applications, focused on object recognition and automation.

Using the Metadata SDK, developers can create Plugins which take advantage of key new features, including metadata search by attributes, time interval or region of interest, object overlays on live video and playback and camera-specific video analytics settings.

Commenting on the launch of WAVE 4.0, Uri Guterman, Head of Product & Marketing for Hanwha Techwin Europe, said: “The new features are intended to further assist users to achieve maximum benefit from their video surveillance systems, whilst the availability of the SDK ensures that WAVE is future proof in terms of enabling users to take advantage of emerging technologies such as AI.”


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