Hanwha Techwin provides future-proof video security for leading ferry operator


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The sailings may take as little as 22 minutes but carrying almost 4.5 million holidaymakers and Islanders to and from the Isle of Wight every year is a huge challenge. It is perhaps not surprising therefore to discover that Wightlink has invested in the latest video security technology to help them do so safely and efficiently.

The team at award-winning ferry operator Wightlink knows more than a thing or two about giving Islanders a frequent and punctual service to mainland Hampshire, as well as offering visitors an easy way to enjoy a taste of Island life. Through its forerunners, Wightlink has been providing ferry services to and from the Isle of Wight for more than 160 years.

As the leading cross-Solent ferry operator, Wightlink in a normal year would complete approximately 45,000 sailings over three routes with the help of a fleet of ships which includes six vehicle and passenger ferries and two passenger-only FastCats.

Latest video surveillance technology

Hanwha Techwin Europe’s Managing Director, Bob (H.Y.) Hwang Ph.D. recently travelled to Portsmouth to see first-hand how Wisenet cameras are being used to assist Wightlink in almost every aspect of their day-to-day operations. Bob was accompanied by Jeff (Chae Won) Lee, the company’s Sales Director and Senior Strategic Sales Manager, Jon Hill.

Over 260 Wisenet cameras have already been installed around Wightlink’s Portsmouth and Lymington facilities, as well as on three of the company’s ships. With safety of paramount importance, some of the cameras are being used to help verify any health & safety incidents which might occur in one of the terminals or onboard the ships.

On the bridge, Wightlink’s crew are also making good use of the high definition images captured by the weather-proof cameras mounted at the bow and stern of the ships, which are assisting them with great precision to dock safely and efficiently. In addition, cameras supporting ANPR have also been deployed at various locations to ensure the smooth flow, identification and tracking of vehicles through every stage of their journey.

Success through partnership

The day was organised by Jim Kernahan, Managing Director of Trellisworks, a system integrator with extensive experience of designing, installing and maintaining IP network video surveillance, wireless and mobile network solutions. “The visit provided an excellent opportunity for Bob (H.Y.) Hwang and his colleagues to see how the Wisenet cameras were being put to good use,” said Jim. “However, our prime objective was to meet with members of the Wightlink team to explore how Trellisworks and Hanwha Techwin can continue to work in partnership to assist them in capitalising on the latest advances in technology.”

Capitalising on emerging technologies

Stuart James, Wightlink’s Marketing and Innovation Director, who has the task of devising and driving the company’s strategy of continual improvement by wisely investing in new technologies and systems, provided a guided tour of the company’s Portsmouth harbour facilities and its newest and environmentally-friendly hybrid energy ferry, Victoria of Wight. “I was pleased to host the visit and take the opportunity to express our appreciation and satisfaction with how well Trellisworks and Hanwha Techwin have been working together for our benefit,” said Stuart. “Most importantly, we were able to generate a number of good ideas on how we can build on the success of the existing cameras.”

The discussions which followed on from the tour focused on how the latest technology might assist Wightlink to further enhance safety and security by supporting on shore staff and the ships’ crews, as well as ensuring every passenger has the best possible customer experience. Among the options considered were specialist video applications, such as passenger counting and queue management which can be run on-board Wisenet cameras and AI Deep Learning solutions.  

Placing trust in Hanwha Techwin

Commenting on the visit, Bob (H.Y.) Hwang said: “We are very grateful to Stuart for providing us with a great insight into Wightlink operational requirements and also to the company’s CEO, Keith Greenfield, who kindly took the time to greet us. We are understandably delighted that a prestigious and superbly well-run company such as Wightlink has placed its trust in Hanwha Techwin to provide effective and future proof video security solutions. We are looking forward to working ever more closely with Trellisworks, which is a member of our STEP partnership program, to ensure together we are always able to exceed Wightlink’s expectations.”


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