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Hanwha Techwin launches new infrared (IR) technology panoramic camera


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The NDAA compliant PNM-9031RV infrared panoramic camera, launched by Hanwha Techwin Europe, provides operators with a seamless continuous view of a wide area with no overlap or gaps. With the PNM-9031RV, operators can use fewer cameras to monitor events with the 15MP 4x lens panoramic camera in a 3:1 aspect ratio (6720 x 2240).

This makes it a cost-effective option for organisations seeking high-quality, infrared video surveillance.

WiseIR integrated infrared illuminators, alongside independent zones with auto and manual adjustment, ensure monitoring is not interrupted in low-light conditions. IR can illuminate up to 20 meters’ distance away for all four lenses of the camera. It offers a 192-degree horizontal field of view and 65-degree vertical field of view, along with a wide dynamic range of 120dB. The panoramic camera can handover events to other cameras where needed.

This high image quality is complemented by automatic image stitching that provides an uninterrupted single image view of what’s happening over a wide area. Operators can set areas of interest to focus on through virtual channels that can trigger alerts using Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA).

Video analytics incorporated in the PNM-9031RV panoramic camera includes motion detection, defocus detection, virtual line, enter/exit detection, audio detection, heat-mapping, and appear/disappear. This enables operators to understand more about the usage and risks of an area, for example, by seeing regions of high and low activity in the monitored area.

It is quick and easy to install the PNM-9031RV camera thanks to its hanging hinge, metal cord harness, and push mount clips. The camera comes with a USB connector for easy setup via a computer, or via Wi-Fi using an optional USB dongle and the Wisenet Installation App.

According to Uri Guterman, Head of Product & Marketing for Hanwha Techwin Europe: “We are very excited to add this IR panoramic camera to our portfolio as it offers breakthrough technology very cost-effectively.”

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