Hanwha Vision unveils AI-powered corner mount camera

corner mount camera

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Hanwha Vision has confirmed the release of its new TNV-C7013RC corner mount camera.

With advanced AI features, false alarms are minimised and forensic search capabilities are enhanced.

TNV-C7013RC corner mount camera

The new corner mount camera has been designed specifically for correctional facilities and mental health settings and features an anti-ligature casing.

According to Hanwha, it enables operators to monitor settings 24/7, with the addition of AI improving accuracy and reducing false alarms.

The innovative solution therefore only alerts operators to events that require attention and action.

AI also heightens efficiency when searching video playback for an event or object/person of interest by distinguishing objects from their surroundings.

Objects are detected and classified in real time and the camera can also detect clothing colour if needed.

“More efficient and proactive”

With WiseNRII and Prefer Shutter control, the TNV-C7013RC decreases noise and blur around objects.

It is also equipped with Wisenet7 SoC, which further improves image quality during the day and night.

In addition, the corner mount camera comes with end-to-end cybersecurity that securely stores key information and pre-empts hacking risks with unauthorised access blocking.

It is also FIPS 140-2 level 2 certified.

“The TNV-C7013RC, with its AI features, provides operators with a more efficient and proactive way of securing and monitoring facilities, with fewer false alarms which can be distracting for operators, potentially making them less efficient,” said Uri Guterman, Head of Product & Marketing, Hanwha Vision.

“This enables security teams to protect vulnerable people 24/7 in mental health and other facilities with AI issuing alerts that require immediate attention.”

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