Svensk Värdeförvaring partners with Gunnebo Safe Storage

Gunnebo Safe Storage

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Svensk Värdeförvaring – the first non-bank provider of deposit box services in the Nordics – has partnered with Gunnebo Safe Storage.

The new partnership will see Gunnebo implement advanced secure storage solutions to enhance the company’s evolving service offerings.

Svensk Värdeförvaring & Gunnebo Safe Storage

Svensk Värdeförvaring has filled a gap left by traditional banks, phasing out deposit box services.

The company not only acquired the physical solutions but also took over premises from banks, ensuring a seamless and sustainable transition for customers who require secure storage for their valuables.

The project involved the installation of Gunnebo´s Software SafeControl, electronical controlled Safe Deposit Lockers 2000C and Card Reader Units at two key locations: Stockholm and Gothenburg.

There are also plans to expand to Malmö.

“Technology and support”

“Working with Gunnebo Safe Storage has allowed us to provide the highest quality security solutions for our clients,” commented Klas Blomqvist, Owner and CEO, Svensk Värdeförvaring.

“Their technology and support have been crucial in our rapid expansion and our ability to offer a secure and reliable service.”

Svensk Värdeförvaring is now exploring the potential of integrating Gunnebo’s EveryDaySafe solution, designed to provide secure storage in everyday environments.

By repurposing the bank’s existing infrastructure for deposit services, Svensk Värdeförvaring has also minimised waste and extended the lifecycle of these secure facilities.

“We are committed to evolving together”

“What our long term relationship with Svensk Värdeförvaring demonstrates is our preferred approach to working with clients, in true partnership,” added Stephan Seifert, Sales Director for Europe, Gunnebo Safe Storage.

“We aim to grow with clients and become the first port of call to organise all safe storage solutions.

“In this case, we are now asked to be involved in its growing site portfolio, presenting solutions to ensure the safety of all assets, from everyday items to more high security. 

“We are committed to evolving together, continually seeking new opportunities to enhance security services and offer sustainable solutions,” added Seifert.

“This partnership not only addresses immediate security needs but also sets the stage for future innovations in the secure storage industry.

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