Gunnebo Entrance Control joins SteelZero initiative


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Gunnebo Entrance Control has joined SteelZero, a global initiative that brings organisations together to expedite the shift towards a net zero steel industry.

The entrance control solutions provider has pledged to drive demand for low-emission steel, contribute to policy reviews and foster collective action and knowledge sharing among peers.

Gunnebo Entrance Control joins SteelZero

Tina Hughan, Global Marketing and Sustainability Director, Gunnebo Entrance Control commented: “Becoming a member of SteelZero acknowledges our responsibility to mitigate environmental impact beyond production and operational emissions.

“This membership supports our ambition to become a net zero business by 2045.

“Through our Project Earth initiative, we will continue to evaluate the environmental footprint of the steel we use and collaborate with SteelZero to find ways to reduce it.”

Alongside over 40 other businesses that consume more than ten million tonnes of steel annually, Gunnebo commits to using 50% low-emission steel by 2030 and achieving 100% net zero steel by 2050.

“SteelZero sends a strong demand signal”

“As part of our commitment, we align with the ResponsibleSteel global definitions of ‘low emission’, ‘near-zero’, and ‘net zero’ steel,” added Hughan.

“This sets a foundational threshold for GHG emissions intensity in steel production, with low emission steel significantly reducing emissions compared to conventional steel.

“By leveraging collective purchasing power and influence, SteelZero sends a strong demand signal to steelmakers, policymakers and investors, urging the accelerated production of net zero steel.

“Gunnebo Entrance Control is excited to be part of this movement, leading the way to a more sustainable future for the steel industry.”

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