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ISJ Exclusive: GSX exhibitor focus – Integrated Design Limited


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Integrated Design Limited (IDL) has, in less than 40 years, establish itself as a leading light in turnstile design and is back on the road this autumn.

Shakespeare, pubs, Fastlane turnstiles – seemingly disparate but, all have one thing in common. They all call the UK home but have made their mark internationally.

From a small design house working with UK clients in 1985, to a leading provider of turnstiles across six continents, Integrated Design Limited (IDL) has built a strong reputation for manufacturing and exporting entrance control products which bear the unmistakable hallmarks of British quality.

Securing some of the world’s most iconic buildings, you may have come across Fastlane turnstiles if you’ve visited the World Trade Center Complex in New York, Harrods in London, the UNESCO headquarters in Paris or the Aldar HQ in Abu Dhabi. And, through a network of trusted international partners and local in-market representatives, they are present in 68 countries and counting.

Here, Tony Smith – Major Accounts and Marketing Manager at IDL – discusses some of the entrance control trends driving the key markets in which IDL operates and tells us where you can see these products in action at various international shows throughout September.

State-of-the-art integrations stateside

With more low-priced manufacturers entering the market over recent years, alongside the well-established large European brands, North America is an extremely competitive region. Within this set, Fastlane is a premium brand and with that comes assurances for customers – namely high quality build, proven reliability and stylish design.

Our Speedgates range, exclusively available in North America through Smarter Security Inc., is particularly popular. Customers and end users like them because they provide the required level of security and are simultaneously great looking.

The Glassgate 300 has been a firm favourite for years, especially with architects.  Available with glass barriers in four different heights and with an optional locking brake, this model offers heightened security and provides a clear deterrent for unauthorised users. Yet, despite providing a physical and psychological deterrent, the Glassgate 300 still maintains sleek and streamlined styling, which is vital to satisfy the aesthetic needs of architects, customers and end users.

Smarter Security will be showcasing the Glassgate 300 with six foot glass barriers at Global Security Exchange in Atlanta, in September 2022. Integrated with IDEMIA’s VisionPass – a facial recognition access control which combines 2D, 3D and infra-red cameras to deliver near-motion 1-second verification – this solution provides a frictionless and fast throughput entrance control solution for the most discerning user.

Quality and value for EMEA

For all Fastlane customers, quality is always important. Whether this is prioritised over price varies from territory to territory. In the Middle East, increased competition from lower cost, global manufacturers and the current economic climate in the region continues to put downward pressure on pricing. However, many contractors working on big projects understand the benefits of prioritising a lower lifetime cost of ownership over the initial price point.

This is especially true if they’ve previously specified inferior products and then had to deal with unhappy customers when those products fail after a short time and have the stress, unexpected cost and upheaval of having to retrospectively replace those products with a more reliable option. One product which delivers on both the quality and price demands of this region is the Glassgate 150, due to its ability to simultaneously provide the required level of security whilst also complementing high-spec environments with its sleek styling – all at an entry level price point.

Alan Hardy, our Sales Manager for EMEA, travels to Security Essen in Germany (20-23 Sep 2022) where, alongside the Glassgate 300 and 150, our Glassgate 400 and Door Detective Plus products will feature on stand.

Bespoke for Britain’s capital city

From The Bloomberg London building to the Brunel Building, many of our London-based projects are bespoke. For the Brunel Building we took our Fastlane Glassgate 250 and adapted it to reflect the striking design of the building, using different sized holes to reflect the ‘x’ design which features on the building’s exterior.

Whether it’s aesthetic customisations or the integration of access control technologies or other building management systems, there is a real desire in the City for its most prestigious buildings to feature bespoke elements.

To round off the month, our UK-based team will be at International Security Expo in London, on 27 and 28 September 2022, demonstrating a range of standard Fastlane and Door Detective products and talking all things customisation.

Contact the IDL team on +44 (0)20 8890 5550 or email [email protected].

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