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ISJ Exclusive: GSX exhibitor focus – AV Costar Technologies


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People, desirable products, competitive pricing and providing the industry’s best customer service and support is in the DNA of Texas-based AV Costar Technologies, Inc.

Based in Coppell, Texas, Costar Technologies, Inc. designs, develops, manufactures and distributes a full range of video surveillance products, providing solutions across a wide span of industries.

Comprised of AV Costar (formerly known as Arecont Vision Costar), CostarHD (formerly known as CohuHD Costar) and Costar Video Systems. Costar brands have been leaders in the video surveillance industry providing solutions for over 20 years.

With production facilities in Coppell, Texas, San Diego CA and Pompano Beach FL. 

We are one of few video solution providers that offer products that are assembled in the United States.

The combined portfolio offers an extensive selection of interoperable solutions including NDAA compliant products and product lines offering.

Video surveillance plays a critical role in investigating crime, preventing theft and fraud, coordinating information from multiple locations, complementing alarm systems and identifying suspicious activity; all while providing users remote access and enabling data recognition.

Vast selection

Costar brands offer a vast selection of products and solutions to fit these application needs. As One Costar we strive to provide all of our customers with unified service and support creating a world-class customer experience that is unmatched in the security industry. 

AV Costar brings the Total Video Solution to a wide range of vertical market surveillance needs across the security industry.

The Solution is a complete system composed of the industry’s best single-, dual- and multi-sensor megapixel cameras (MegaIP and ConteraIP), cloud-enabled video management system (ConteraVMS), recurring revenue generating web services (ConteraWS) and cloud-managed video recorders (ConteraCMR).

Each product set can also be used individually, integrated with other leading security industry software and hardware through both ONVIF compliance and use of the Arecont Vision Applications Programming Interface (API).

AV Costar provides solutions for large companies and entities that occupy entire complexes or campuses which are more vulnerable to security risks than smaller organizations. 

However, despite the higher possibility of a breach or threat against them, larger institutions continually target security for cost reduction as such systems are non-revenue generating, consequently creating the challenge of demonstrating a quantifiable return-on-investment.

The Solution from AV Costar is increasingly a part of the answer for large enterprises by providing high-performance IP cameras, video management systems and cloud-managed video recording platforms at lower operating costs.

Rugged HD video surveillance

AV Costar is the answer for applications such as manufacturing and industry, stadiums and large venues, warehouse and distribution logistics, hospitality, banking, healthcare and education.

CostarHD designs and manufactures rugged HD video surveillance camera systems for critical infrastructure and transportation. Manufactured in San Diego, California, CostarHD provides the most reliable, rugged video cameras available. Monitoring the most critical, sensitive environments such as border security and transportation, specifically Traffic (ITS), Maritime, Seaports, Airports and Railways.

Critical infrastructure requires video surveillance that is the most rugged and reliable as well as available 24/7 with the clearest image quality possible. Border surveillance requires IP cameras with long-range and cutting-edge picture quality, for use in the most challenging environments.

Military, government & department of defence present some of the most demanding requirements in the most extreme environments. CostarHD cameras provide highest optical quality meeting the requirements of missile guidance systems, while being rugged enough for installation in spacecraft launch pads.

CostarHD supplies the intelligent transportation systems (ITS) industry rugged video cameras with the highest sensitivity in low light situations.

Costar Video Systems meets a full spectrum of surveillance needs in Retail, Financial, Commercial, Educational and other multi-location applications.

The StarNET Solution is a highly scalable and fully integrated network video surveillance solution that’s ready to fit your needs. StarNET Pro Software is a surveillance solution for both large enterprises and small business customers.

Making it easy for installers and those unfamiliar with IT networks to easily navigate its rich feature set of powerful recording options.

StarNET is a full featured Video Management System (VMS) for Costar DirectNET Technology that allows users to intuitively view live camera feeds and access specialized video tools such as event search, playback, video export and more.

Camera network

The core of the platform is centred around the StarNET Video Management Software which allows for the management of several key technologies used to control up to 1024 recorders, manage cameras, live views, recorded images, as well as video analytics. 

StarNET’s management capabilities constantly monitor and provide feedback regarding the health of the entire camera network and providing instant feedback, to key personnel, of any camera issues, ensuring that events are not missed due to unrealized camera failures. 

The management of live, recorded and archived images help ensure that stored data is easily accessed and shared when critical events occur. 

Allowing the loss prevention teams and law enforcement to easily access the high-definition files without the need for special CODEC’s or players, that potentially slow down critical investigations. Costar Technologies prides themselves on their people, quality of products, competitive pricing and providing the industry’s best customer service and support. Costar brands aim to provide total solutions that not only meet but exceed the customers’ expectation.

For more information, visit: costartechnologies.com

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