GSLS effectively deploys cloud-based solutions from Descartes Systems Group


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Descartes Systems Group has recently confirmed that cash management solutions provider, GSLS, is maximising its fleet efficiency with the company’s innovative cloud-based route planning, optimisation and mobile proof of delivery (POD) solutions.

Descartes is helping GSLS pursue its growth strategy by achieving a fully digital chain of custody for cash management while driving cost savings, improving fleet efficiency and delivering customer service excellence.

“Providing exemplary cash management solutions for our clients requires levels of accuracy, efficiency, traceability and security that are second to none,” explained Fiacra Nagle, Chief Executive, GSLS.

“We recognised that growing our position required a data-driven approach to process improvements, underpinned by technological innovation.

“Descartes’ route optimisation and mobile proof of delivery solutions, integrated with our vault management and cash processing solutions, have given us that end-to-end, digital chain of custody while also increasing the efficiency of our operations.”

Part of Descartes’ route planning and execution, mobile and telematics suite, Descartes’ route planning and optimisation solution helps brands, retailers and logistics providers achieve more agile, efficient and sustainable routing, improving fleet resource management by generating additional delivery capacity and reducing costs.

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