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New Group Sales Director appointed by Amthal

New Group Sales Director

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Amthal has named Deane Sales as its new Group Sales Director.

As the company continues to realign its strategy, Sales will help lead the group in its new direction.

“Enormous changes”

Having previously worked in Director and Consultant roles for specialist systems providers, Sales brings significant experience in fire safety and security to Amthal.

“It’s an absolute privilege to be joining Amthal at such an important time, not just for the company but also for fire safety and security in general,” he commented.

“We are at the cusp of enormous changes where guaranteed compliance will be critical to success.

“All of which Amthal understands and is taking decisive action, being open to innovation, training and smart technology.

“As this is being filtered through the whole company, you can already see the customer response in trust, safe in the knowledge that Amthal can deliver.

“We have the essential accreditation and open communications to implement specific requirements, bespoke to each sector.

“And not being afraid of new opportunities that can only work to enhance our capability to make a difference in life safety and deliver total protection.”

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