South African golf community protects residents and visitors with Hikvision


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To keep residents and visitors safe, 24 hours a day, gated communities need comprehensive, reliable security solutions. At Copperleaf Golf Estate in Centurion, South Africa, these needs have been met with an advanced security solution from Hikvision, which incorporates AI-powered optical, thermal and license plate recognition cameras that provide real-time alerts in the event of a perimeter breach or other security incident.

The challenge: securing a gated golf and residential community

Residential gated communities provide significantly improved security compared to ‘open’ streets. In particular, gated communities can tightly control access for vehicles and people, helping to protect residents and visitors to a far greater degree than would otherwise be possible.

But gated communities also face specific security challenges. As well as requiring physical walls or fences to prevent unauthorised people from entering, site perimeters need to be checked constantly to prevent security breaches and to support real-time responses to prevent theft, vandalism and other negative outcomes.

These were the challenges facing Copperleaf Golf Estate, a gated residential community just 15 minutes outside Centurion in Mnandi, Gauteng, South Africa. The community offers a range of lots and houses in a peaceful setting, as well as South Africa’s second ‘Signature’ golf course designed by the legendary South African professional golfer Ernie Els.

To protect residents and visitors, Copperleaf needed a perimeter protection solution to prevent unauthorised vehicles or people from entering the site. To achieve this goal, they worked with Independent Technology Security Systems (ITS Systems), an expert in integrated security and building management solutions. “To keep everyone safe, Copperleaf needs to keep a close eye on their perimeter wall, as well as other areas of the site, including the golf course. They also need to maintain vigilance even in adverse weather conditions, such as heavy rain and fog and after dark.” Theo Mienie, Managing Director from ITS Systems says, “After conducting a thorough review of the facilities, we reached the conclusion that Hikvision’s solutions are a good fit for Copperleaf.”

The solution: a comprehensive AI-powered solution from Hikvision

To provide the exceptionally high levels of security residents and golf members expect, ITS Systems has implemented a comprehensive Hikvision security solution for Copperleaf. This incorporates more than 100 AcuSense Fixed Bullet Network Cameras that constantly protect the site’s perimeter wall, the Els golf course, residential streets and security vetting rooms and offices. Security for the 8km perimeter wall is provided by over 50 Hikvision Thermal & Optical Bi-spectrum Network Bullet Cameras with intrusion detection capabilities up to a distance of 700 meters. If the perimeter is breached by a person or vehicle, an alert is sent to the security team automatically and in real time.

Hikvision ANPR Cameras have also been installed at the site’s three entrance and exit points, providing an overhead view of vehicles coming into and leaving the estate 24 hours a day. These cameras offer license plate recognition technology to ensure that only authorised vehicles are admitted. 

The Copperleaf Security team checks feeds and alerts from the cameras using Hikvision’s advanced control room infrastructure. This includes the Hikvision I-Series NVR and iVMS-4200 software and monitors, which display video footage and alerts, allowing the security team to take immediate action in the event of a suspected security breach.

The benefits: efficient operation and all-around protection for peace of mind

Copperleaf Gold Estate has achieved alarm efficiency and labour costs reduction with the help of the AI embedded thermal cameras and AcuSense bullet network cameras, which have the ability to greatly reduce false alarms and provide accurate, real-time threat detection that distinguishes people and vehicles from other targets.

Copperleaf has also minimised expenses on physical patrols. With the bullet network cameras’ remote patrol capabilities, the security staff is able to visually check all sites using high-definition cameras based on patrol schedules, reducing requirements for physical patrols and other interventions. “We no longer spend our time carrying out physical security checks and responding to and investigating false alarms,” says Phineas Thosago, General Manager from Copperleaf Golf Estate. “Instead, we can focus 100% of our effort on real threats, which makes us far more efficient and more effective as a team and helps us maximise security for our residents and visitors.”

The site is now protected 24/7/365, even in adverse weather conditions. The thermal cameras feature deep-learning video analytics in all weather and light conditions, ensuring that Copperleaf Golf Estate is protected 24/7, 365 days a year. “Copperleaf needed cameras that could withstand all kinds of adverse weather conditions”, says ITS Systems’ Theo Mienie, “The Hikvision cameras provide the reliable, always-on capabilities they need. Copperleaf Golf Estate has now achieved an extremely high level of security for residents and visitors.”

Combined with the AI capabilities of Hikvision cameras – the advanced features ensure that security threats can be detected accurately and addressed immediately. “We are taking advantages of AI features that automate alerts and help us work faster and better,” says Phineas Thosago. “It just shows how quickly the security industry is evolving that these kinds of features have become accessible for small and medium sized businesses.” Copperleaf Golf Estate’ Phineas Thosago says: “We can now detect and respond in real time in the event of a security incident, which means total peace of mind for our residents and visitors to the golf course”.

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