Global tech company NTT selects PlateSmart as vehicle recognition vendor


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PlateSmart Technologies, which applies cutting-edge AI and deep learning technologies to its automatic license plate recognition (ALPR)-based vehicle recognition solutions, has announced it was selected by NTT Corporation (NTT) to be an official provider of ALPR, vehicle recognition and safety solutions for customers of the global technology and business solutions provider.

“NTT is a leading global innovator when it comes to applying IT and technology around the world,” said John Chigos, CEO, PlateSmart. “This relationship will further extend our global reach beyond the 30-plus countries we are in currently and will allow us to expand into sectors we are not already in. This agreement between our companies also serves as further proof that our products are the best of breed in the industry.”

NTT, which operates in more than 80 countries and regions, will partner with PlateSmart to generate sensor information and video management details for the company’s Accelerate Smart data platform, which is being deployed in cities around the world to help improve the lives of citizens through smart technologies.

“So many opportunities exist for the use of our ALPR-based vehicle recognition solutions around the world,” Chigos said. “As industry visionaries and leading innovators of ALPR technologies, our innovative products will now be used to serve NTT and their clients’ needs on a global basis.”

PlateSmart Technologies was the first industry player to introduce a software-only, camera-agnostic automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) engine powered by early AI-based object recognition technology — a major industry milestone positioning the company as an industry innovator. In 2015, PlateSmart was also the first to introduce an HD ALPR-based vehicle recognition solution capable of capturing license plate data as well as vehicle make and colour.

PlateSmart currently offers proactive, real-time solutions to law enforcement agencies that are used to prevent and solve crimes and prevent acts of terrorism. The company also provides its solutions across a large spectrum of commercial clients, ranging from smart cities to government users to educational facilities, to enhance any perimeter or access control security solution. Airports, rental car companies and retailers have also benefited from using PlateSmart vehicle recognition technology for enhanced customers service, improved security and loss and fraud prevention.

The company is also in development with players in the franchise food business and its software is currently deployed for testing with one of the largest restaurant chains in the country to improve customer support and provide contactless payment. PlateSmart anticipates that such technology will be in ever more demand in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis.

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